Building tomorrow’s enterprise – with BPM-EAI

Efficient and effective business processes are critical to the success of any enterprise. That’s all the more reason why businesses keep on adding various business apps, over a period of time, to manage processes. While the objective is right, not all enterprises realize “true value” from their investments. There is need for enterprises to ensure tighter integration between their legacy systems for seamless operations and effective outcomes.

Challenges & opportunities

There’s a strong desire among CXOs for clear end-to-end visibility of their processes and operations. But fundamentally, disparate legacy systems and lack of integration between them result in process inefficiencies. Such wasteful processes are the major causes of lowered productivity and high expenses, eventually leading to business failure.

The advancements in technology have changed the way businesses operate. Globalization, Internet, and cloud computing have empowered enterprises, investing them with seamless capabilities. On the other hand, suboptimal usage of these disruptive technologies tends to intensify business complexities. Today, enterprises want real-time access to data and information to help meet their customers’ requirements. This boils down to having effective business applications in the ‘veins’ of the enterprise to manage processes and provide quick results while enhancing performance.

How we deliver value

Infosys delivers world-class business process management (BPM) and enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions to address challenges in a globalized market. The dedicated BPM-EAI practice at Infosys provides adequate focus on specific challenges around BPM and EAI. Our clients enjoy the convenience of having their BPM and EAI requirements addressed by experts under one roof. We have made significant investments to ensure clients achieve incremental benefits – as the partnership grows.

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