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SFDC Implementation and Roll Out by an Energy and Fuels Company

The Client One of the world's largest energy, fuel and resources companies partnered with Infosys to implement Salesforce in Europe and Australia.

Business Challenge

The company implemented Salesforce in the North-American region. It engaged with Infosys to roll out Salesforce in Europe and Australia. The business drivers of the project included:

  • Develop organization-wide CRM infrastructure for lead management, claims management, sales management, customer data management and Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
  • Build a system that enables multiple currencies and multi-language support
  • Track case details, ensure the capture of faulty products and resolution details, and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Efficient inventory management system to capture all products, the availability of quantity and quantity requested
  • Efficient budgeting, claims and returns management system
  • Efficient and dynamic approval processes for case management and financial transaction management
  • Build a portal for management of third parties such as distributors and installers while providing access on objects
Our Solution

Infosys helped the client implement and roll out standard and customer SFDC objects. Our solution enabled the client to:

  • Build efficient sales and marketing management systems along with strong customer service and support systems
  • Implement efficient lead capture mechanisms such as lead capture through Web. Lead capture through emails has been built along with lead conversion, lead tracking and lead assignments
  • Enhance Partner Relationship Management (PRM) through better integration, barcode readers, approvals processes, third-party management, order history, financial tracking, contract management, pricing and product management
  • Implement effective customer support and service processes to handle customer complaints
  • Build an efficient return authorization management system that manages all products returned by the customer, the reasons for returning products and details of resolution
  • Implement an efficient inventory management system, which includes all product details and enables dynamic updation of the quantity requested and quantity available when a product is selected for replacement
  • Capture financial business processes across the chain to gain complete visibility into the requested funds, claims, availability of budgets, approval or rejection of funds requested, claims processing, special discounts, etc.
  • Build a system that supports multiple currencies and languages
  • Implement a dynamic approval process for financial management, service and support systems

Infosys' solution realized several benefits:

  • Increased productivity by providing visibility into lead and opportunity management
  • Reduced Service Level Agreements for customer support and service due to efficient methods of capturing and resolving cases
  • Efficient Partner Relationship Management system that improvises on sales by involving partners
  • Assisted sales and marketing teams by providing accurate analytics, quick and automated approval processes, lead capture mechanisms, etc.
  • Budget management system captures requests from partners, approvals on requests and claims made by partners

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