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    Bristow and Infosys: Driving digital transformation

    Client: Bristow Group
    Industry: Oil and Gas
    In this video, executives from Bristow talk about their company’s legacy system, challenges they faced and the need for digital transformation. They also speak about how Infosys has enabled Bristow to develop an effective strategy and implement solutions that have added value to the company.

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    Infosys and Follett: Making the future of education happen, now!

    Client: Follett Corporation
    Industry: Retail services
    In this video, Michael Flaherty, VP, Technical Services, and Operation, Follett Corporation, talks about how Infosys transformed Follett from being just a college bookstore company, into a dynamic, and an evolving education service provider. He further emphasizes on how Infosys helped Follett re-platform 1500 sites in under a year, branding them by universities, enabling them with technology, and supporting infrastructure

  • From a trusted vendor to a key strategic partner

    Client: Aimia Inc. (www.aimia.com)
    Industry: Retail – Consumer loyalty and data analytics
    In this video, John Harris, Global CTO, Aimia, speaks about how Infosys has evolved from a trusted vendor to a key strategic partner, right from winning new clients to working on new technologies together.

  • Infosys fuels transformation at Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.

    In this video, David Jackson, the Division Information Officer for Dealer Field and Affiliate Division, Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc. talks about how Infosys helped re-engineer the Dealer Daily system at Toyota. The system is an integral part of the selling cycle and is used by Toyota dealers across the US and Mexico to transact business every day.

Case studies

  • Dansk Supermarked leads the ecommerce charge

    Client: Dansk Supermarked
    Industry: Retail
    Read how the new ecommerce platform will help Dansk Supermarked drive sales growth and enrich the customer experience.
    Learn more about our retail offerings

  • Saving lives through a cloud-based platform

    Client: NovaSom
    Industry: Medical Devices
    Infosys transformed NovaSom’s sleep apnea diagnostic platform to deliver faster results for patients. The solution reduced NovaSom’s processing time by 60%, reduced costs while expanding reach, and delivered same-day test results.
    Learn more about our Medical Devices offerings

  • JFK Health System prepares to convert to the ICD-10 medical classification standard

    Client: JFK Health System
    Industry: Healthcare
    To ensure its fiscal stability, JFK Health System must effectively manage its reimbursement processes—so in the face of a federal mandate to convert to the updated medical classification standard, the ICD-10, by October 1, 2014, JFK engaged Infosys Public Services to assess potential financial risks and formulate a plan to fix the root causes to ensure a revenue neutral and sustainable business in the ICD-10 world
    Learn more about our Infosys Public Services and Healthcare offerings

  • Kellogg's new intranet portal makes collaboration - “G-r-reat!”

    Client: Kellogg Company
    Industry: Food processing
    Kellogg selected Infosys to develop and manage K Connect, an enterprise collaboration program that enabled Kellogg to drive deeper employee collaboration across its many regions and businesses, while also improving margins through reduced administrative overheads.
    Learn more about our consumer packaged goods and retail offerings

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