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  • FPWC chooses Infosys as a long-term strategic partner

    Client: FPWC
    Industry: Utilities
    Susan Fritzen, Chief Corporate Services Officer, FPWC, talks about their experience of working with Infosys as a partner for a strategic program. She commends the Infosys team’s expertise in Oracle systems and how it helped FPWC tremendously.

  • FPWC partners with Infosys to update and increase scalability of their utility systems

    Client: FPWC
    Industry: Utilities
    Steven K. Blanchard, CEO and GM, FPWC, talks about their transformation journey with Infosys and how we helped transform the company’s legacy systems to an updated and scalable one, which would help them provide excellent customer service.

  • SITA partners with Infosys to transform its global finance and procurement operations

    Client: SITA
    Industry: Communications
    Colm O’Higgins, Chief Finance Officer, SITA, talks about how Infosys helped transform Strategic Financial Systems, a key program in SITA’s transformation journey, enabling them to provide key stakeholders with superior financial information and business intelligence.

  • Infosys helps Northumbrian Water transform its field service operations

    Client: Northumbrian Water
    Industry: Utilities
    James Robbins, Group IS Director and Tim Burfoot, Program Director for Field Service Management Program, talk about how Infosys enabled them to deliver game-changing field service improvements. Through this program, not only has the level of efficiency improved, but NWL is also able to prioritize important customer interactions.

  • Global SAP-led ERP transformation at Energizer Holdings

    Client: Energizer Holdings Inc.
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Scott Gracious, ADM Director – IT, talks about how Energizer wanted Infosys on their global business transformation journey. SAP solutions from Infosys ensured efficiency and effectiveness in business operations. Project Optimus was aimed at implementing an integrated ERP system using SAP, thus helping align Energizer’s manufacturing facilities across the globe.

  • Business transformation at Energizer with SAP solutions

    Client: Energizer Holdings Inc.
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Mike Mormile, IT Director at Energizer, talks about how Infosys helped them with a cross-functional project by implementing SAP solutions in areas such as quality management and process integration. Infosys also provided assistance in communication support and organizational change management that helped with training and communication for the entire program.

  • AIMIA and Infosys: A strategic partnership

    Client: AIMIA
    Industry: Retail Services
    In this video, Phil Eames, Chief Operating Officer, AIMIA, talks about how Infosys has been a strategic partner and has helped them achieve global scales through product and service development while managing to integrate local products or services specific to a market.

  • GSK and Infosys: A strategic partnership

    Client: GlaxoSmithKline
    Industry: Life Sciences
    In this video, Hans Frolich, VP and Head of Global Digital Services – GSK, talks about the organization’s collaboration with Infosys in the digital space. Infosys and GSK together have established a framework that reuses components that have been developed earlier.

  • Ameren and Infosys: A strategic partnership

    Client: Ameren Corporation
    Industry: Utilities
    In this video, Chris Nelms, Manager Supply Chain Process and Systems talks about the challenges they faced in integrating operational systems with the back office systems and the issues they encountered with speed-to-value in getting applications implemented quickly. Infosys, as an integrated business partner, helped Ameren streamline its processes and rationalize their operational cost.

  • Integrated business processes with a global IT solution

    Client: Mazda North American Operations
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Cheryl Scudday, IT Project Manager at Mazda North America, talks about how Infosys helped manage their business processes, by addressing challenges such as growing business complexities and increasing volumes. Infosys provided an IT solution that provided seamless integration across different entities in the organization, thus helping improve processes.

  • Infosys instrumental in defining IT strategies and roadmap for Hyundai Capital America

    Client: Hyundai Capital America
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Infosys partnered with HCA to build an end-to-end solution for lease end-of-term and remarketing processes using the best of Oracle product suites.

  • AIMIA and Infosys: A strategic partnership

    Client: AIMIA
    Industry: Retail Services
    In this video, Brett Mackay, Director of Loyalty Technologies, AIMIA Europe, talks about their decade-long strategic business partnership with Infosys and how the customer is at the heart of their business strategy. He also talks about how AIMIA uses insights to reward customers for sharing their data and creates value for them.

  • Darden Restaurants and Infosys drive digital transformation

    Client: Darden Restaurants
    Industry: Retail
    Chris Chang, Senior Vice President of Technology, Strategy, and Development for Darden Restaurants, speaks about the digital transformation journey Darden Restaurants undertook with Infosys to drive effective communication. This strategic partnership helped Darden engage better with their guests and employees, and share their information across restaurants for personalized service.

  • TalkTalk partners with Infosys to enrich their online experience

    Client: TalkTalk Group
    Industry: Communications
    Rahul Chakkara, Director of Online, talks about their digital transformation journey in which Infosys was their partner of choice. TalkTalk and Infosys, over the last four years, have been able to deliver a brilliant experience to end customers.

  • Infosys helps BMG Rights Management address business and IT challenges

    Client: BMG Rights Management
    Industry: Music
    Sebastian Hentzchel, Vice President of IT & Systems, talks about why Infosys is a partner of choice for BMG and how Infosys enabled them to serve their global clients better by helping them address their business and IT challenges.

  • "We made the right decision in selecting Infosys"

    Client: EDF Energy
    Industry: Utilities
    In this video, Kelvin Wing – IT Operations Director, EDF Energy, talks about Infosys ability to understand their business and innovate. He commends the company’s focus on continuous improvement, which helped EDF Energy successfully integrate with British Energy.

  • Looking at the future with EDF Energy

    Client: EDF Energy
    Industry: Utilities
    In this video, Olliver Lawrence – Head of Business Services, EDF Energy, commends Infosys for its focus on delivering business value and outcomes. He further adds that the organization would like to utilize Infosys investments in innovation, going forward.

  • Innovating Global Application Maintenance and Support at Vale

    Client: Vale S.A.
    Industry: Mining
    Listen to Gustavo Vieira, Head – Global IT Services, Vale S.A. talk about Vales’ strategic partnership with Infosys and why the company chose Infosys as their key partner in application maintenance of mission-critical systems such as SAP, enterprise resource planning (ERP), plant production, enterprise data warehouse (EDW), business intelligence (BI), and other important IT systems.

  • Family Dollar partners with Infosys to drive transformation and modernization

    Client: Family Dollar
    Industry: Retail
    Mike Seferyn, Vice President of IT Business Services at Family Dollar speaks about the efficiency, commitment and analytical ability that Infosys demonstrated throughout their engagement, and how this helped deliver a complex and large IT implementation project on time and within budget without disruption.

  • Dairy Crest Partners with Infosys to Drive Transformation and Innovation

    Client: Dairy Crest
    Industry: CPG
    Frank Garrett, Head of Change Management at Dairy Crest, speaks about the insight, commitment and capability that Infosys has demonstrated throughout their engagement, and how this has led to a strategic partnership that is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

  • Infosys is the partner of choice for DIRECTV

    Client: DIRECTV
    Industry: Media and Entertainment
    DIRECTV executives speak about their partnership with Infosys on their transformational program.

  • Infosys delivers on its commitments consistently

    Client: Telstra Global
    Industry: Communications
    Sundi Balu, CIO of Telstra Global, talks about how strong partnership, innovation and domain-specific capabilities of Infosys helped them in their transformation journey.

  • Avivia Health: Improving consumer engagement through gamification

    Client: Avivia Health
    Industry: Healthcare
    Nathan Petrovay, Chief Technology Officer, Avivia Health, from Kaiser Permanente, talks about the company’s strategic partnership with Infosys Public Services to develop an innovative gamification platform to improve consumer engagement with wellness tools and products.

  • Infosys builds India Water Tool for WBCSD

    Client: World Business Council for Sustainable Development
    Industry: Business and Sustainable Development
    Listen to Joppe Cramwinckel (Director, Water, WBCSD), Joe Phelan (Director, WBCSD India) and Hannah Greig (India Water Tool Co-ordinator, WBCSD) talk about why they selected Infosys as a sustainability partner and how the India Water Tool can help companies understand and manage their water-related operations.

  • Infosys helps Dansk Supermarked become a true cross–channel retailer

    Client: Dansk Supermarked
    Industry: Retail
    Alan Jensen (Group CIO), Soren Johansen (Programme Director — Strategic Cross Channel) and Jorgen Kluwer (Director of eCommerce) talk about how Dansk Supermarked partnered with Infosys to bring to life its vision of an ‘anytime, anywhere’ shopping experience.

  • Dansk Supermarked aims for leadership in ecommerce

    Client: Dansk Supermarked
    Industry: Retail
    Dansk Supermarked leaders discuss how the new ecommerce platform from Infosys offers customers the best cross-channel experience in Denmark and beyond.

  • Enhancing user experience through cutting-edge technology

    Client: Melco Crown Entertainment
    Industry: Gaming and Entertainment
    Roger Seshadri, SVP and CIO, Melco Crown talks about their strategic partnership with Infosys. The two companies jointly developed a Gaming Entertainment Management System (GEMS) that is user-friendly, user-configurable, and provides dynamic provisioning to support their operations.

  • Partnering for solid business decisions

    Client: Gen Re
    Industry: Insurance
    Cathy Ernst (Vice President, Gen Re) talks about how Infosys approached replacing their reinsurance systems, resulting in the ability to track not just metrics but the business overall. They are also enjoying an increase in the quality of their data, and Cathy notes that the partnership has “helped Gen Re make some solid business decisions”. Further, she looks ahead to a continued relationship with Infosys, moving forward with Gen Re’s future business strategies.

  • Innovating since the beginning: Joint innovation fund for National Australia Bank and Infosys

    Client: National Australia Bank
    Industry: Financial Services
    Denis McGee, Executive General Manager of Technology at National Australia Bank (NAB), talks about the bank’s journey from augmentation to a managed services model with Infosys. Establishing a joint innovation fund, aligning to NAB’s culture of Kaizen, and a “move to the left” are some of the unique aspects of the partnership. Outcomes include faster time to market – such as accelerators that speed data integration from three days to 30 minutes – and millions in cost savings.

  • The Infosys approach: “Think out of the box”

    Client: Atradius
    Industry: Insurance
    Thomas Götting and Michael Lenzen from Atradius describe the path to generating new ideas at the intersection of business and technology.

  • Quality, flexibility and scalability are key to the 15-year partnership between Belgacom and Infosys

    Client: Belgacom
    Industry: Communications Services
    Ivo Cools (CIO, Belgacom) discusses the challenges involved in delivering services to today’s customers, now that these range from mobile, fixed line, broadband through to digital TV, entertainment and gaming. Customers need easy ways to access and pay, but these systems are extremely complex to deliver. Infosys helped Belgacom build a sustainable, robust and scalable architecture that positions them to meet current and future business needs.

  • How the ‘Digital Home’ is driving proactive engagement with Belgacom’s customers

    Client: Belgacom
    Industry: Communications Services
    Ivo Cools (CIO, Belgacom) explains how the ‘Digital Home’ transformation program is about proactively delivering services and facilities to customers anywhere on any device. This requires high volume data collection and analysis to understand consumption patterns and changing user preferences.

  • Vodafone transforms customer experience with Online Acceleration Program

    Client: Vodafone Group
    Industry: Communication services
    Carl Bennett, Global Head of Online Technology, explains how Vodafone’s Online Acceleration Program delivers a coherent online customer experience across geographies. He also discusses the huge growth in the adoption of online services, and how Vodafone is addressing this trend.

  • Hudson CFO: TalentEdge raised us to “world-class” standards

    Client: Hudson
    Mark Leigh, Hudson Asia Pacific’s Chief Financial Officer, talks about how the TalentEdge platform has helped his company deliver a number of achievements for their payroll and billing system. He describes their IT function now as “world class”. Payroll delivery and accuracy are at optimal levels, and costs are directly correlated to revenue trends.

  • First Middle Eastern company on Oracle Fusion Financial Accounting Hub

    Client: Al Shirawi Group
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Al Shirawi partnered with Infosys to develop a strong financial analytics platform for consolidation and reporting, and reduced its month-end closing from weeks to days.

  • AssistEdge – Building an integrated customer service experience for Openreach

    Client: Openreach, a BT Group company
    Industry: Communications Services
    Openreach, part of BT Group, needed a rapid customer experience solution to help simplify its existing processes. Ian Chatfield, Customer Experience Director, Openreach Service, discusses the importance of customer experience and how Infosys AssistEdge has simplified processes and improved productivity in their contact center operations.
    - Ian Chatfield, Director of Customer Experience, Openreach Service

  • “We achieved rollout of the customer service program within just three months”

    Client: Openreach, a BT Group company
    Industry: Communications Services
    Ian Chatfield, Customer Experience Director, Openreach Service, discusses the merits of Infosys AssistEdge and how the product has helped Openreach rollout an improved customer service program in record time across their business.

  • “Dubai Chamber bets on Oracle Fusion to become more business-friendly”

    Client: Dubai Chamber
    Industry: Public Services
    Atiq Juma Faraj Nasib, Senior Director, Commercial Services Sector, explains how the implementation of Oracle Fusion applications will enable Dubai Chamber to streamline its human resources and financials processes, and give better visibility into business operations.

  • Saving millions through the back office

    Client: Staples Brazil
    Industry: Office products and business services
    Derk Visser, CFO of Staples Brazil walks us through the challenges and their decision to partner with Infosys. The partnership resulted in streamlined back office functions, higher margins and more efficient operations.

  • ‘Infosys was one step ahead of business and IT which led to a perfect implementation’

    Client: Ricoh
    Industry: Logistics & Distribution
    Ricoh Americas executives highlight the value Infosys brought to their merger with IKON Office Solutions, Inc.: a solid approach to the challenges, intense knowledge of Oracle, and an in-depth business knowledge of Ricoh, all of which led to the successful integration between the two companies.

  • 'Infosys has been a long-term strategic partner especially in the SAP space'

    Client: McKesson
    Industry: Life Sciences
    Steve Dunne, Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture at McKesson outlines how Infosys is successfully incubating SAP HANA for speed of information and real-time analytics.

  • ‘We found a partner that was highly collaborative and disciplined in terms of approach’

    Client: AMP Services
    Industry: Financial Services
    Sharmini Sivathas, IT Director, Service Management discusses how Infosys helped AMP Services migrate from a legacy Lotus Notes set-up to a functionally rich Microsoft SharePoint environment.

  • Raising the bar on productivity

    Client: AMP Services
    Industry: Financial Services
    Craig Ryman, IT Director, AMPCI, discusses how Infosys enabled AMP Services to improve the interoperability of their end-user computing, productivity and collaboration tools.

  • ‘Whether it's execution or strategy, we're always going to be looking at Infosys and their capabilities’

    Client: Analog Devices
    Industry: Manufacturing
    "Adaptability, scalability, bringing the right people; we all have a challenge in finding the right people, the best people. It's not a perfect science but the quality of the people that Infosys brings to bear is quite high, and those are the things I look for."
    - Steve Oberlander, Director of Enterprise Applications, Analog Devices

  • Real time data on Tap

    Client: Anglian Water, UK
    Industry: Water and Wastewater Management
    From data comes knowledge, with knowledge comes greater insight and agile decision making. For Anglian Water, access to the right information at the right time is essential for delivering a high quality of customer service, reducing business risk and meeting its regulatory requirements.
    Richard Boucher, Business Change and Strategy Director and Rachel Butler, ECM Programme Manager at Anglian Water, discuss how Infosys is helping the water utility use every drop of data to enhance collaboration with pioneering enterprise content management system.

  • 'A very mature organization with operational excellence at its heart'

    Client: AstraZeneca
    Industry: Life Sciences
    Sam Covell, Head of IS Procurement, outlines how AstraZeneca’s strategic partnership with Infosys delivers value to the business.

  • 'The very quick grasp of the Experian landscape was really above expectations. They were absolutely brilliant!'

    Client: Experian
    Industry: Business Services
    Russ Coulter, Global Integration Architect, discusses Experian's engagement with Infosys to execute a successful master data management pilot using the new suite of Oracle Fusion products.

  • Using metrics-driven intelligence to deliver business value

    Client: BNP Paribas Cardif, Netherlands
    Industry: Insurance
    BNP Paribas Cardif, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, is the market leader in mortgage protection in the Netherlands. Over the past two years, BNP Paribas Cardif has partnered with Infosys for maintenance and enhancement of its mission-critical savings system.
    Here, Fred de Meij ,COO, BNP Paribas Cardif, Netherlands discusses how Infosys delivered value to its business and highlights the qualities that set Infosys apart from its peers.

  • Looking at the future - new lines of business

    Client: BNP Paribas Cardif, Netherlands
    Industry: Insurance
    Fred de Meij, COO, BNP Paribas Cardif, Netherlands explains how a rapid decline in the savings market in the Netherlands is affecting his strategic priorities, and looks into the future of his company’s partnership with Infosys.

  • Scaling from shared services to core services

    Client: Brown Brothers Harriman
    Industry: Banking, Mergers and Acquisition
    "What’s different about it, and I think it’s a compliment to Infosys, is our ability to use them for aspects of what we offer as a core service." - Tim Connelly, Partner, Investor Services, Brown Brothers Harriman

  • 'The knowledge, attitude and flexibility that Infosys showed was key to keeping the project rolling at the right pace and quality'

    Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev
    Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
    AB InBev, global brewer and one of the world’s top five consumer products companies, chooses Infosys for its Global ERP implementation. Here, Gustavo Pimenta – Vice President IBS – Western Europe from AB InBev highlights the important role played by Infosys in this journey.

  • Proving to be a trusted transformation partner

    Client: ABN AMRO
    Industry: Banking
    Menno Van Dassen, Head of Transaction Banking, ABN AMRO, discusses how, over the years, Infosys has grown and proven to be a trusted transformation partner.

  • Managing triple digit growth, efficiently

    Client: Athene Annuity
    Industry: Life Insurance, Annuity
    "McCamish-Infosys has been a great partner. The leadership and the relationship management team and all the touchpoints between McCamish, Infosys, and our Athene Annuity are terrific. The interaction, the communication and the process, are terrific. We are very, very pleased with the relationship."
    - Chris Grady, Head of Retail, Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company

  • 'Infosys understands 'on value' which is what it's all about'

    Client: DuPont
    Industry: Agriculture, Nutrition, Electronics, Communications
    Steve Drabble, CIO – EMEA and Jean-Luc Ramboz, Sales & Marketing IT Manager – EMEA, describe how Infosys helped DuPont develop a robust, next-generation global pricing platform. The platform enables DuPont to avoid revenue loss, ensure consistent pricing and comply with SOX pricing requirements, and frees up its sales force to get closer to the customer.

  • Dupont realizes business value; gets closer to customers

    Client: DuPont
    Industry: Agriculture, Nutrition, Electronics, Communications
    Steve Drabble, CIO – EMEA and Jean-Luc Ramboz, Sales & Marketing IT Manager – EMEA, DuPont discuss how Infosys enabled them to get closer to customers.

  • Vision for the future: Partnering to solve global challenges

    Client: DuPont
    Industry: Agriculture, Nutrition, Electronics, Communications
    Jean-Luc Ramboz, DuPont’s Sales & Marketing IT Manager – EMEA, charts a road map for the future. DuPont, through innovation and collaboration, aims to address global challenges including food, protection of people and environment, he says.

  • Getting smart with customer experience

    Client: Hafslund
    Industry : Utilities
    Egil Brækken, CIO, discusses how Infosys is helping Hafslund improve customer management through self-service and streamlining processes, and how Infosys partnered with Hafslund to build Smart Metering platforms for one of the largest projects in Sweden.

  • DNV and Infosys create a world-class business support system for the certification business

    Client: Det Norske Veritas
    Industry: Risk Management and Certification
    Morten Lovstad, Global Director of Processes and Systems, DNV Business Assurance discusses how the ConCert CRM solution developed by Infosys and DNV is driving new growth, streamlining processes and enabling clients to manage business risks more effectively.

  • Sustainability means business opportunity

    Client: Det Norske Veritas
    Industry: Risk Management and Certification
    Patrick Adamcik, ConCert Project Director, discusses how innovation in the field of business sustainability is driving new areas of opportunity for DNV.

  • PepsiCo partners with Infosys for SAP expansion in Latin America

    Client: PepsiCo
    Industry: Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
    "Something that surprised me about working with Infosys is the commitment that they displayed in working with us."
    - Jose Cota, SAP Sustain & Continuous Improvement Director, PepsiCo Latin America

  • Flying high on analytics

    Client: Bell Helicopter
    Industry: Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing
    "I can tell that it’s really important to them (Infosys) that they don’t leave until they’ve ensured that we’re getting the value that we need to out of the implementation."
    - Matthew Cordner, Director, Business Process Integration, Bell Helicopter

  • 'Lebara and Infosys worked in a very innovative and out-of-the-box manner'

    Client: Lebara
    Industry: Telecommunications/ Wireless
    Shyam Mardikar, CTO, explains how Lebara dramatically raised the productivity of its sales force with Infosys’ automated stock-to-cash process, and innovative approach to mobility solutions.

  • Airtel executives discuss how 'airtel money', powered by Infosys WalletEdge, pushes the limits of financial inclusion in India

    Client: Airtel
    Industry: Communication Services
    "The scale of Airtel partnered with the domain expertise of Infosys in the banking space is bringing (consumers) the convenience of using mobile payments in a safe and secure manner."
    - Sriram Jagannathan, CEO, airtel M Commerce Services Limited

  • Infosys helps loyalty giant Aimia become customer analytics expert

    Client: Aimia
    Industry: Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
    Simon Hawkes, COO, EMEA and Fiachra Woodman, IT Director, EMEA discuss how Infosys partnered with Aimia to build its flagship next-generation analytics solutions.

  • Infosys - Aimia Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

    Client: Aimia
    Industry: Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
    Aimia leaders share their views on the importance of technology in drawing meaningful insights from structured and unstructured data in an ever-expanding digital world.

  • 'Infosys will increase our ability to support our business in a very flexible way'

    Client: Essent
    Industry: Utilities
    Hardy Seinhorst, Information Manager B2C, Essent, talks about the challenges faced by European utility companies and how Infosys is creating a flexible, stable and innovation-rich environment for Essent to deliver business agility and great customer service.

  • 'Infosys has brought a lot of knowledge about broadcaster infrastructure and large, scalable media systems'

    Client: Unwire
    Industry: Communications, Media and Entertainment
    Unwire and Infosys have created an innovative ‘2nd Screen’ solution that enables broadcasters to engage with their viewers in real-time, boosting viewer loyalty and creating new revenue streams.

  • 'Broadcasters – are your viewers cheating on you?'

    Client: Unwire
    Industry: Communications, Media and Entertainment
    'See the 2nd Screen solution in action.'

  • 'Infosys has been able to understand our business'

    Client: Vaisala
    Industry: Environmental and Industrial Measurement
    Petteri Naulapaa, CIO, Vaisala, talks about the importance of give and take in building a successful partnership.

  • Infosys - Alstom Michael Loechle

    Client: Alstom
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Michael Loechle, Vice President, Information Systems, Alstom Thermal Power, describes how the Infosys approach to scope definition helps Alstom achieve better, more innovative results.

  • Play

    "Infosys, more than any other company we work with, is dialed into what Syngenta is all about"

    Client: Syngenta
    Industry: Manufacturing - Agri-Business
    Daniel J Rose, Global Head of IS and Business Architecture and Jonathan Apted, Strategic Supplier Manager for Application Services, Syngenta, discuss how Infosys adds value to their organization by bringing in capabilities from outside their core business.

  • Migration to a private cloud gives Ricoh new revenue opportunities

    Client: Ricoh
    Industry: Printing and Managed Services
    Ian Winham, EVP and CFO of Ricoh talks about how moving to a private cloud gives Ricoh new revenue opportunities and also enables Ricoh to save costs and reduce its ecological footprint.

  • "It's not every day you do an IT project that has a real potential for saving lives"

    Client: Telstra
    Industry: Telecommunications and information services
    Sam McManus, General Manager — Operational Support Systems Solution Centre, Telstra, highlights the "focus, resourcefulness and flexibility" that Infosys demonstrated in developing an award-winning national emergency warning system.

  • 'Infosys tells us not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear'

    Client: Hitachi Data Systems
    Industry: Hi-Tech Manufacturing
    "The core strength of Infosys is their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We are thrilled with their culture and the access that we've had to senior management" - Rex Carter, Senior Vice President, CIO, Hitachi Data Systems

  • Ricoh's CFO discusses key factors in partner selection for a complex private cloud implementation

    Client: Ricoh
    Industry: Printing and Managed Services
    "The Infosys strength is their delivery and outcome-based attitude" - Ian Winham, EVP and CFO of Ricoh talks about the importance of senior management engagement in building a long-term partnership.

  • 'Infosys stepped up to the bat time and time again to make sure the project was delivered'

    Client: National Science Center
    Industry: Academic/ Non-Profit
    Norwood 'Rob' Dennis, CEO of National Science Center, talks about the challenges of taking NSC's Learning Logic program to the cloud.

  • Infosys named 'Business Partner of the Year' by P&G

    Client: P&G
    Industry: Consumer Goods
    Infosys won the 'Business Partner of the Year' global award from Procter & Gamble (P&G) for a transformational order, shipping and billing program as well as excellence in consulting, technology and BPO services.

  • Infosys helped us think beyond what we are doing today

    Client: PepsiCo
    Industry: Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
    Katty Lam (President, PepsiCo Foods, China) discusses how Infosys and PepsiCo created opportunities for innovation. Infosys-led workshops helped PepsiCo think differently and explore new enablers to differentiate its business and drive grow

  • Nordstrom personalizes the shopping experience

    Client: Nordstrom
    Industry: General Merchandisers

  • 'The implementation set global standards'

    Client: Volkswagen Group of America
    Industry: Automotive
    Edward Rybicki, Process Integration Officer, Volkswagen Group of America, speaks about the benefits of Infosys' long-term approach to IT solutions.

  • 'Infosys' solutions passed quality tests with flying colors'

    Client: Volkswagen Group of America
    Industry: Automotive
    Robert G. Hillman, General Manager - After Sales IT Systems, Volkswagen Group of America, discusses how Infosys’ project management skills aligned with their strategy.

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