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Infosys Australia & New Zealand is the Australasian subsidiary of Infosys Limited, a world leader in consulting and IT services.

Our expertise lies in solving complex business problems. We develop and implement solutions that are web-enabled, multi-tiered and integrate with several host systems. Infosys uses technologies from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and other leading vendors and incorporates the most proven and relevant advances in technology into every solution.

High value-add services such as IT architecture and consulting, project management, and business solution definition are our key differentiators. With sheer technical excellence and track record of successfully delivering projects on time and on budget, Infosys has proven itself to be the best choice for any software development project in Australasia.

Why Infosys?

We are a highly developed and mature business with processes and methodologies designed to seamlessly and efficiently support the successful, cost effective and timely delivery of IT-enabled business solutions.

Infosys differentiates itself in Australia by recruiting and retaining the most outstanding technical people. With nearly 2,000 employees in Australia and New Zealand, our human resources demographics are the envy of our competitors:

  • Nearly half of our employees have double degrees or further tertiary qualifications, including several Ph.D.s
  • Nine out of ten employees have tertiary education with outstanding results as a minimum entry point to the company
  • Infosys has one of the highest percentages of technically and professionally accredited staff in the country, including the largest number of internationally certified project managers in Australia and New Zealand

Applying for a Position

To view our current job openings, or to apply for a position with Infosys Australia & New Zealand, please visit our careers site.

Please note, all candidates must have a tertiary qualification.

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