Big Data Hub


Empower your technology and business to rapidly develop and act on industry-specific insights

The traditional data warehousing around bringing data into a central repository is costly and time consuming. Moreover, there is a significant shift in the way information is managed and consumed in a big data environment.

When it comes to implementing big data, what forward-thinking enterprises are looking for is the ability to quickly discover, analyze, and act on information – thus driving critical business decisions. Technology teams need the flexibility, so they can rapidly develop industry-specific big data applications while business teams look for agility around insights and actions. This is where the Infosys Big Data Hub platform fits like a glove.

Infosys Big Data Hub is the best data platform that helps empower technology and business teams to develop industry-specific insights and act on them very quickly.

Infosys Big Data Hub

Infosys Big Data Hub enables real-time discovery of data across both internal systems and external sources such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. The Discovery and Aggregation module comes with over 50 pre-built connectors to leading enterprise systems, enabling rapid discovery of relevant data. It delivers rich and rapid insights to enterprises. The Insight Builder provides a repository of over 250 pre-built algorithms and 50+ reporting options – the most in the industry. This enables business users to create insights in a matter of minutes, not days, eliminating the need for any technical expertise. Infosys Big Data Hub enables real-time operationalization of decisions across enterprise systems. The Collaboration Wall allows users across functions and regions to interact on insights and effect smart business decisions. These decisions can be operationalized in real-time through the integrated workflow capability.

Key capabilities:

  • Extensible connector framework (50+ connectors)
  • Meta data-based Virtual Data Source
  • Insight Builder (250+ algorithms, 50+ visualization options)
  • Collaboration Wall
  • Enterprise Workflow

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