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Volkswagen Group of America partners with Infosys to achieve its business objectives

Some of the finest innovations have been introduced during a downturn. Companies that innovate continuously navigate business cycles, become more resilient and emerge stronger from a downturn.

Up ahead, in the distance

During the global economic downturn of 2008, Volkswagen announced 'Strategy 2018', a road map to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. It set the direction for leadership in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. partnered with Infosys to introduce new processes and develop systems for accelerating growth. Infosys implemented the solution on time and within budget. Volkswagen undertook an independent review by a team in Kosel, Germany. The team concluded that the code was of higher quality than the existing base code and better documented.

Achieving automotive excellence

Edward Rybicki, Process Integration Officer - National Sales Companies Volkswagen Group of America said, "It's been an overwhelming positive impact on helping the business achieve the goals…" Infosys' performance was echoed by Robert G. Hillman, General Manager - After Sales IT Systems, Volkswagen Group of America, "The Infosys team (was) able to quickly understand the requirements and translate those into high quality technical designs that passed our quality gates with flying colors."

Infosys supports Volkswagen to realize 'Strategy 2018'. We have been an integral part of the Volkswagen journey in America, from importing vehicles to launching the first Volkswagen vehicle manufactured in USA and from exporting cars to becoming a global leader.

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