Digital Consumers


Digital Consumers

Computers, mobile phones, handhelds and personal digital assistants (PDAs) have become the chosen medium for almost every transaction, from social networking and sharing information to shopping and entertainment. The use of digital devices has also created other social trends associated with definitive expectations from every purchase.

Digital media is redefining consumer mindsets, patterns of purchase, and decision-making. Digitally active consumers have embraced the Internet, telecom, media, and social space, changing the way consumers communicate, transact and make purchase decisions. These consumers rely on Internet research, friends, and online peer reviews as opposed to ‘sponsored’ communication. This new breed of active, informed, and assertive members stand out for their independence, uniqueness and participation.

Organizations must satisfy this new breed of consumers to stay ahead. With the emergence of digital consumers, companies have the opportunity to capture their imagination and get their loyalty. Enterprises can redefine the rules of customer engagement by enabling self-service mechanisms, offering personalized products, services and experiences, and engaging consumers in the co-creation innovation process. Organizations must realize the potential of this trend and institute necessary cultural and organizational changes to become truly digital consumer-centric.

Companies can leverage structured and unstructured analytics, active enterprise–consumer interfaces, and innovative platforms to reach out to the Digital Consumer. Infosys believes self-service, personalization, and co-creation lie at the core of a successful digital consumer strategy for organizations of tomorrow.

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