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Case Studies

State-of-the-Art Website for Smart Connect Customers

A leading utility company in the U.S sought to improve customer engagement by enhancing web self-service features with provision for additional features for Smart Connect customers. It also aimed at increasing customer awareness...


Re-Architecting Web Self-Service Portal

A leading electric utility company in the U.S. was facing challenges in scaling up its web portal to meet customer demands. Infosys partnered with the client to design...


Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketable Space In-Store

A global retailer used Infosys' ShoppingTrip360 smart fixtures to measure three vital matrices – opportunity to see, opportunity to evaluate and the merchandize throughput – at various locations. These matrices...


Building a Case for Superior Category Management

A major confectioner implemented Infosys' ShoppingTrip360 In-Store measurement tools with the objective of maximizing the sales of its entire chocolate products. The tools helped identify shopper traffic patterns, measured the effectiveness...


Engaging and Connecting with Shoppers When it Matters the Most

A multi-national food company implemented Infosys ShoppingTrip360's Mobile Marketing platform and gave a community of shoppers ubiquitous access to content and services on their mobile phones. The company...


Understanding Shopper Missions and Measuring Category Influence

A leading consumer healthcare company sought to understand shopper missions and the influence of specific categories it operated in. With the help of Infosys' ShoppingTrip360, the company traced shopper paths...


Communications Service Provider Innovates with IPTV Offering

A leading communications service provider partnered with Infosys to expand its Digital TV offering. Infosys established an IPTV Product Innovation Center by leveraging its frameworks and solutions in digital content, networks and...


Building an Application Store for a Mobile Service Provider

A leading South Asian GSM mobile provider, reputed for its track record of presenting innovative offerings to customers, was seeking a foothold in the application store business. Infosys leveraged Flypp™, its white-labeled...


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