Digital Consumers



Digital media is redefining consumer mindsets, patterns of purchase and decision-making. Read insights from thought leaders who are helping clients build tomorrow's enterprise.



In the digital consumer era, customer relation is all about creating new experiences. Three major trends that gain significance in the new order include self-service, personalization, and co-creation. They help create new avenues, realize business value, and deliver customer delight.


Audio Podcasts

Audio blogs featuring Sandeep Dadlani, Spokesperson – Digital Consumer Trend, on innovations in the digital consumer space, its potential, and the road ahead.


White Papers

Digital consumers of today discuss, analyze, support, critique, and share experiences about brands, products and services. Discover how tomorrow's enterprises are leveraging this revolution. This section features white papers, perspectives and strategies on digital consumer trends.


Case Studies

Tomorrow's enterprises need to design and develop digital marketing techniques by leveraging social media to effectively engage the digital consumer. This section highlights how Infosys enabled leading enterprises meet market needs and adapt to changing trends.


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