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Innovation Themes

The Infosys approach to innovation

In our endeavor to futureproof the businesses of our clients, we at Infosys have identified seven key areas that are rapidly increasing in influence, and present great scope for IT-led innovations. These are Digital consumers, Emerging economies, Sustainable tomorrow, Smarter organizations, New commerce, Pervasive computing, and Healthcare economy. We believe that realizing the full potential of these drivers is important for tomorrow’s enterprise to forge ahead of its competition.

Digital Consumers

Informed and assertive digital consumers seek compelling experiences. A digital ecosystem enables self-service as well as co-creation. Personalized solutions usher in on-demand solutions, accelerate innovation and access new demographic segments. These solutions maximize customer value across the lifecycle.

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Emerging Economies

Access to 'local' knowledge is critical as emerging economies transform the global marketplace. An ecosystem that harnesses collaboration helps realize 'reverse innovation' across industries. Products and services must be re-engineered, not re-created, to address the specific needs of micro-segments.

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Healthcare Economy

IT minimizes healthcare costs by eliminating wastage, avoiding redundant processes and helping to incorporate best practices in treatment. Intelligent medical devices and evidence-based medicine ensure patient self-care. In addition, peer-to-peer collaboration through social media develops a preventive healthcare lifestyle.

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New Commerce

The ubiquity of the Internet and mobile devices should be harnessed to meet micro-requirements of customers. Next-generation mobility solutions co-create value by redefining stakeholder engagement. They also address differences within and across markets, and drive sustainable growth.

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Pervasive Computing

Enterprises must analyze real-time data from multiple embedded devices to design products and services that better address customer requirements. Computing and storage infrastructure plays a significant role in cost-efficiency, quality of service and agility. Artificial intelligence, cloud-based solutions and sensor networks are a business imperative today.

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Smarter Organizations

Smart decision-making demands simple processes. Operational excellence and accelerated innovation help companies deliver higher value to customers. It, however, requires balancing the challenges of a globally connected marketplace with the demands of localization. Tomorrow's companies should facilitate collaboration among different stakeholders to adapt to change.

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Sustainable Tomorrow

A smart enterprise can grow sustainably through equitable social contracts, effective resource utilization and green innovation. Smart solutions and analytical insights help companies take on the challenges of sustainable growth.

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