Smarter Organizations


Smarter Organizations

Most companies do well in suitable market conditions, but are unable to adapt to business cycles, the recurrent fluctuations between boom and depression in the economic activity of a country. Other companies survive downturns but are unable to rebound. Smarter organizations are emerging as a third category which focuses on creating long-term value by ensuring operational excellence and continuous innovation. Smarter organizations are able to forecast changes, adapt to changing environments, and sustain best-in-class knowledge management systems.

While dealing with the complexity of changes caused by globalization, the internet, and competition, large firms find it difficult to cope with the associated challenges. Smarter organizations are simplifying operations by incorporating tools that help build, understanding and managing complexity proactively. The rise of social media, collaboration tools, and machine learning techniques are opening new avenues. Smarter organizations are adapting to this new reality and transforming their workplaces to realize new productivity gains.

To be successful in tomorrow’s business environment, Infosys believes, companies must become smarter organizations that constantly simplify, collaborate and learn, and adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.

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