Sustainable Tomorrow


Sustainable tomorrow

Sustainability is the ability to endure without endangering or depleting natural resources for our future generations. Societies depend on preservation of ecosystems and sustainability of the environment. Extended stakeholders such as local communities, activist organizations, and the larger society can influence the future of business. Therefore, it is imperative that social and environmental considerations be included as important dimensions of any business.

Sustainability is no longer a choice. Organizations must regard sustainability as a means to earn respect and trust among their stakeholders. A 2009 Business Council and Conference Board survey says that almost two-thirds of CEOs in the US believe sustainability has become a mainstream concern for businesses. 81 percent of respondents agree that business leaders will increasingly be judged by their ability to create enterprises that are economically, socially and environmentally viable.

IT plays a significant role in enabling the corporate sustainability journey. It can be used to effectively measure, monitor and report usage of energy and resources, account for carbon emissions, and integrate production control systems. IT also identifies opportunities for optimization by enabling smart solutions across smart grids, green logistics, mobility, and process optimization.

Infosys believes sustainability is indispensable for global economic and social well-being. Sustainability in businesses can be driven through three key factors – social contracts, resource intensity, and green innovation.

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