Cloud Services


Cloud Ecosystem Integration services

With Infosys as your Cloud Ecosystem Integrator, you can:

  • Enable business agility, contestability, and scalability
  • Respond to business needs faster with simplified, agile IT
  • Scale rapidly and help business capitalize on market opportunities faster with cloud services
  • Manage complexity of fragmentation, change, and operations
  • Have a single point of accountability to create and manage your hybrid environment
  • Freedom from vendor liaison, and commercial and legal complexities
  • Manage technology and organizational change for more effective cloud adoption
  • Transition to a 'service-oriented' IT organization
  • Simplified 'pay as you use' cost structure for your IT
  • Transition from 'asset-focused' to 'service-oriented' IT management
  • Transparent governance and management of IT costs with a single enterprise view

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