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Why switch to cloud? Ask Orlando

The city of Orlando was saddled with an aging email system that was costly and cumbersome to maintain, requiring frequent updates. Since the hardware was turning obsolete and several requisite features were...

Published with permission of e.Republic Inc. and Google


Leading industrial gas producer streamlines processes with

A leading industrial gas company was saddled with incongruent business processes that hampered efficiency and agility of business divisions. The company required an agile CRM application to streamline processes. The company partnered with Infosys for an...


Mobile Services Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Achieves Scalability with Virtualization Solution

Volantis partnered with Infosys to scale up This is a website that enables mobile operators and enterprise customers to create websites on mobile devices. We migrated storage to Windows Azure™ platform,...

Reproduced with the permission of Microsoft® Corporation


Online services help Blockbuster deliver world-class email and collaboration

Infosys completed migration assessment early in the project, and was selected as the primary system integration partner. Deployment processes and tools...

Published with permission of Microsoft Corporation


Adopting performance-driven development to build an eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) platform

An information service firm partnered with Infosys to build an almost real-time market information storage and analytics platform to devise trading...


Nomura Securities uses grid computing to engineer superior business performance and scalability

Nomura Securities partnered with Infosys to address performance and scalability issues in its interest rate risk analysis application. Infosys migrated the existing application to a grid...


SFDC implementation at a leading financial services company in Europe

Infosys integrated Salesforce while developing multiple functionalities across the sales module, and implemented the marketing module at...


SFDC implementation and rollout by an energy and fuels company

Infosys implemented Salesforce at a leading energy, fuel and resources company in Europe and Australia. Our solution provided an...


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