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Maximizing the value of big data

Unstructured data dominates the data landscape. In this environment, a scientific analysis of unstructured data is a business imperative for accurate forecasts, informed decision-making and an enhanced customer experience. Infosys shares useful artifacts and insights into 'big data' by thought leaders:

  • 'Big Data Spectrum' covers use cases in retail, airlines, automotive, financial services and energy
  • 'Key challenges' addresses concerns relating to data privacy and security, integration of technologies, real-time data flow, and leveraging cloud computing
  • 'Adoption enablers' offers visibility into a swift and quality implementation

The sections are interspersed with viewpoints from Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-Chairman, Infosys; Doug Cutting, Co-Founder of Apache Hadoop (popularly known as the 'father of big data') and Phil Shelly, CTO, Sears Holdings Corporation.

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