Customer relationship management for tomorrow’s enterprise

Today’s customers are increasingly moving away from conventional to more ‘next-gen’ ways in interacting with enterprises and buying products and services. To keep pace with shifting consumption patterns, enterprises must provide a unified customer experience across all touchpoints and channels. Like stores, call centers, websites, social networks, mobile, kiosks and interactive television. The customer experience is the major influencer when it comes to buying decisions, brand impression and sustainability of customer relationships. Adapting to a changing market dynamic and providing superior customer experience are critically important for every enterprise.

Challenges and opportunities

The proliferation of social media channel makes it all the more easy for irate customers to “bad-mouth” a particular product or offering that failed to meet their expectation. Businesses are indeed aware of what damage a customer can do to their brand on a social media channel. For in no time the word spreads like “wildfire” along the network and network of networks. In today’s highly social networked world it’s essential for businesses to understand the potential opportunity to build strong and lasting bonds with customers by addressing issues around customer’s satisfaction.

CRM Trends in 2013

With rapid increase in smart handheld devices, enterprises must enthusiastically come out in support of mobile-based strategies designed to empower their customer-facing employees, as well as on-the-move customers. Given the advances in technology and increased customer touchpoints, it is no less important to extract actionable insights from the large amount of data generated. Enterprises need to understand and ponder the benefits and challenges of in-memory databases, platforms and analytical solutions to tap the potential of social-sourced customer data, achieve advanced data visualization and meaningful insights.

Customer relationship management as a service (CRM-as-a-service) is also gaining market share at a faster rate than traditional on-premise applications. Enterprises must focus and leverage the voice of the customer to prioritize and optimize business processes and better understand and manage customer expectations.

At Infosys, we structure innovative CRM strategies for enterprises. We leverage our robust domain and industry expertise and alliances with leading CRM product vendors to ensure our clients understand the requirements of their customers and are able to meet their rising expectations, now and in the future.

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Infosys ranked among leaders in CRM consulting

Infosys is positioned in the leader board of CRM magazine's '2010 CRM Market Awards for Consultancies'. The ranking recognizes our wide range of CRM services.


Reproduced with permission of CRM magazine

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