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Plant Management Control Systems for a Global Power Major

A global leader in power generation sought Infosys to optimize control system performance, integrate Plant Management solutions, and comply with open systems...

SCADA System Implementation for a Leading Equipment and Service Provider

A leading Oil & Gas company faced challenges due to the lack of automatic real-time data acquisition and monitoring of the oil well. Infosys developed a SCADA...

Upgrade of Energy Management System for an American Electric Utilities Major

A large electric utility company was faced with ageing hardware and capacities nearing maximum, necessitating a complete overhaul of their Energy...

Single System of Truth for a European Power Solutions Major

A global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets sought to establish a 'Single System of Truth' for product information and integrate product development process across multiple businesses, to facilitate...

Product Lifecycle Management Transformation for a Global Aerospace Major

A global leader in aircraft manufacturing, aerospace, defense and related services was challenged with inept process standardization across product development platforms, product development across geographies, and decentralized...

Development of a Remote Monitoring Solution for a North American Cardiovascular Solutions Company

A pioneer in wireless cardiovascular solutions sought to develop a system for remote patient monitoring. The system had to enable clinicians to monitor vital signs remotely while the patient was at home or in the hospital. Infosys was instrumental...

Telstra Partners with Infosys to Build an Emergency Alert System

The Australian government wanted a system that could warn residents of an emergency quickly. The government commissioned Telstra, the country's largest telco, to build that system. Telstra partnered with Infosys to build...

IPv4 to IPv6 Migration for a Leading Network Services Provider

A leading network services provider of managed public and private networking services for Wi-Fi network and their customers sought to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6 network. Infosys facilitated...

E2E Test Automation for Next Generation Network of UK’s Tier-1 Service Provider

A Tier-1 service provider in the UK with a rich portfolio of network and wireless broadband offerings sought automation of broadband regression test scenarios for Next Generation Network. Infosys designed...

Turnkey development of Broadcast Grade Video Server in Digital Media

A leading player in professional digital media products sought to remove a video streaming product and build a broadcast grade video server from ground up in association with a partner. Infosys teamed up with...

Network Performance Solution for a Large Service Provider in UK

A leading provider of global communications services to multinational enterprises sought a network performance solution that supported performance monitoring of complex access, metro and core networks using...

Infosys Partners with a Leading Cardiovascular Solution Provider

A leading cardiovascular solution provider partnered with Infosys to release a solution by combining a medical device, and wireless and information technologies. The device wirelessly connects clinicians and patients while increasing patient compliance...

Infosys Partners with a Leading IT Management Software and Solutions ISV

A leading IT management software and solutions company sought a standalone Web security solution which minimizes the extensive steps and procedures required for configuration. The client partnered with Infosys to develop such a solution...

Product Development, Testing and Maintenance for a Leading Security Testing Company based in North America

A North America based company specializing in security testing and validation was looking for a partner to build an enterprise level security testing application that would be deployed as a software appliance. Infosys was engaged...

Product Testing for a Leading ISV in the Security Product Space

Infosys was engaged by one of the world's leading ISV software providers in the Security and Access Management segment to develop a risk-based testing model to reduce the cycle time and improve efficiency. The solution helped...

Internationalization of Network Management Product for a leading ISV in the U.S.

A leading U.S. based Management software vendor and ISV provider wanted to introduce its key Network Management product into the international market. Infosys was engaged by the client to increase target market and product...

Certification of an Access Control Product for a Large U.S.-based ISV

A leading U.S. based ISV engaged Infosys to take independent charge of the certification of an access control product on various platforms and with multiple middleware such as web servers, application servers, directory servers and databases. Infosys...

Automating Furnace Operations for an Aluminum Major to Save Energy and Reduce Losses

Infosys implemented industrial automation solution that streamlined the manufacturing operations for an Aluminum major. It resulted...

Design of Seat Tracks for a Twin Aisle Commercial Aircraft

A leading aerostructure manufacturer in the U.S. sought to revamp seat tracks without violating manufacturing and design constraints for Pax, Galley and Monument loadings. Infosys utilized the fine...

Design of Fuselage Structures for Aircraft OEM

An aircraft OEM sought help in designing fuselage structures. Infosys solution resulted in formulation of design concepts and configurations, enabling of concept-level design activities and demonstration of an offshore...

Optimal Design for Aircraft Sub-assembly Structure

Infosys' solution helped an Aircraft OEM develop optimal design from concepts and achieve seamless integration with wing box structure. This automation resulted in increased efficiency of CAD modeling and sizing...

Nose Wheel Well Door Assembly Development

Infosys was engaged by a leading Aerostructure manufacturer in North America to develop Nose Wheel Well (NWW) aft and forward door assembly for a large commercial aircraft. Infosys solution realized benefits such as weight savings of 20lbs and quick turn-around for design.

Design of Interiors for Business Jets

A business jet OEM in the U.S. sought to design interior monuments aiming at maximum reusability and low turnaround time. Infosys developed standard methodologies for analyzing components in aircraft interiors and provided innovative solutions for maximum reusability.

Design and Analysis of Composite ECS Ducting Systems

An aerospace tier-1 manufacturer wanted to design, analyze and optimize the ECS composite ducting systems for a large commercial aircraft program. Infosys provided an optimized ducting system, reducing design and analysis cycle time and physical testing time.

In-store Inventory and Operations Management Solution for a Pharmacy Retailer

Infosys developed an in-store inventory management solution to reduce the operational costs of a Retail pharmacy chain. Our solution reduced inventory costs by tracking excess stocks and item movement of each item.

Field Service Handheld Implementation through Siebel CRM for a Leading Supplier of Advanced Metering Systems

Infosys implemented a new process flow using Siebel CRM mobile solution for the field force of a leading supplier of Advanced Metering Systems. It led to faster turnaround in service and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Mobile Application Development for an International Logistics Provider

Infosys developed a barcode scanning package for a logistics provider. It uses mobile networks to ensure that packages are scanned accurately and back-end systems are updated.

Leveraging the Mobile Channel for Re-engineering of Airport Automation Application at a U.S. Airline

A U.S.-based airline wanted to reduce delayed delivery of booked cargo to aircraft. Infosys partnered with the airline to re-engineer the existing load planning device application to a .Net Enterprise Mobile Application. The application expedited cargo loading, reduced load closeout...

Mobilizing Processes for a Dairy Firm

Infosys automated the processes of a dairy firm and helped its field service personnel gain access to the central database using mobile technologies.

Sales Force Automation Solution for a Leading Investment Institution

An investment company’s associates sold investment products to institutions and retail customers. The PDA-based applications of the associates were not in sync with their company’s offerings. Infosys developed a Sales Force Automation application to ensure that their...

Globalizing VoIP PBX for a Networking OEM

Infosys partnered with a leading global supplier of networking equipment and networking management solution provider to conceive, design and develop an international dial plan product that met the needs of each country's specific...

Support Services for a Media Solutions Company

A media solutions company serving the motion picture industry needed a strong technology partner to provide hardware, firmware and software support for its product lines and to build product feature enhancements. Infosys' web-based...

Developing Critical Products for Oil Well Monitoring

A solutions provider to the oil industry partnered with Infosys to build an oil well monitoring product based on its optical expertise. Although the risk of technology failure was very high for this high-precision product, Infosys shared...

Networking Infrastructure Provider Reduces Development Costs

A leading Networking Infrastructure Provider partnered with Infosys to develop a Network Management System (NMS) that could be used in its existing optical product lines and would reduce development costs and time-to-market for its new products.

Developing an Instant Messaging and Presence Service

A leading independent producer of mobile messaging software with operations across Europe and Asia engaged Infosys to design and deliver an Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMPS).

Offshore Product Engineering Center for an Internet Security Products Company

Infosys partnered with a leading Internet security product company to help it reduce product development cycles, reduce time-to-market and TCO, ensure wider product availability, and manage fluctuating design requirements.

Product Sustenance and Support for a Networking Product

Infosys helped a leading provider of networking/ communication services and infrastructure lower TCO, provided product support, and developed and supported key modules across domains.

Development of Security Gateway Solution

A networking equipment manufacturer with a range of security products and services engaged Infosys to create a robust security platform that would support its range of security products.

Product Development from Concept to Execution

A leading office automation equipment provider engaged Infosys to build proof-of-concept for a next-generation printer series that could handle high-speed address printing for mass-mailing scenarios.

Outsourced Testing for GSM Product

A global telecom equipment company that makes core switching, wireless, and optical systems for telephone carriers and data service providers engaged Infosys to perform testing for its unique products based on a proprietary platform.

Product Co-Development for European Integrated Railway Radio-Enhanced Network

A global telecom equipment company in the GSM-R space turned to Infosys to add new features to maintain market leadership and reduce expenditure and overheads.

Product Customization for Japanese Market

A US-based leader in Internet security and enterprise policy management engaged Infosys to produce a localized version of its product for the Japanese market. Infosys' excellent Japanese language support helped the client obtain an edge over its competitors.

Product Development in IP-PBX domain

A leading global supplier of networking equipment and network management solutions provider wanted to automate dial-plan tracking and troubleshooting for its IP-PBX product. Infosys enabled it to file a US patent for its innovation in troubleshooting dial plans with IP-PBX.

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