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How we deliver value to engineering enterprises

The engineering offerings from Infosys are focused on five areas to support clients' needs across industries:

Engineering Technology Services to deliver value to engineering enterprises

Product and software development: We operate development teams as businesses, focusing on delivery excellence and continuous productivity increase, turning cost centers into value centers.

Product and commodity management: We combine our engineering, supply chain and BPO capabilities to expand our role and optimize costs across the offering life cycle from target setting to end-of-life.

Product (co-) innovation: We consult and invest with clients to advance technologies and help bring distinctive offerings to the market.

Business platforms: We design, deploy and maintain cross-functional processes and systems for product life cycle management, telecom network operations, innovation and collaboration, and manufacturing automation using best-of-breed approaches, mixing commercial software with custom integration.

Cross-industry shared services: We provide specialized engineering capabilities as shared services cutting across industries, bringing a wealth of experience and technical expertise, which was hitherto not accessible to our clients.



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