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Discover Financial Services, USA, won the Celent Model Bank Award in the area of legacy and ecosystem transformation

Discover Financial Services chose Finacle for an overhaul of its entire banking technology ecosystem. This was aimed at upgrading the bank’s capabilities by simplifying linkages between its front office and back office systems. This has helped in creating a new platform for greater agility in deploying new products and delivering best in class customer service. Post this implementation, Discover Financial Services estimates that they will realize a 65 percent decrease in its servicing cost-per-account compared to current costs. This industry recognition celebrates Discover’s partnership with Finacle for successful transformation that will lay the ground work for innovation and world class customer service.

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Standard Bank, South Africa, won the Celent Model Bank Award in the area of omni-channel banking

Standard Bank partnered with Infosys to transform its sales force by providing a comprehensive guided sales workbench on mobile tablets. The Standard Bank and Infosys team conceptualized tools and utilities that would empower the sales force to remotely acquire customers, and cross-sell products based on the profiles of the prospects. This helped the bank attract more than 17,000 new customers. This award celebrates the partnership between Standard Bank and Infosys for successful technology transformation that will spur innovation and growth.

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Equity Bank

Equity Bank is a leading commercial bank in Kenya that offers retail banking, microfinance and other related services. It has subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Tanzania with over 8.7 million customers, making it the largest bank in Africa in terms of customer base. Equity Bank wanted to expand the retail banking business across subsidiaries, attract new customers with customized products, and strengthen its corporate lending offering, among other goals. The bank’s IT team considered the latest Finacle core banking release, which supports features like multi-entity on the technical side and functionalities like Islamic Banking on the business side. The core banking platform also possesses features such as 24x7 system availability. Finacle offered all this without raising the bank’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Since going live with the new platform, Equity Bank has reaped several benefits. It now boasts a seamless platform that helps operational efficiency, supports business growth, and enables it to adapt to the dynamic environment.

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Union National Bank

Union National Bank (UNB) is jointly owned by the Governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is Abu Dhabi’s fourth largest lender by market value and provides both retail and commercial services. To support its ambitious plans for regional and global expansion and be able to serve customers effectively, the bank realized it would need best-of-breed technology. After rigorous evaluation of several vendors, UNB awarded the mandate for replacement and enhancement of its treasury systems to Infosys in December 2012. By implementing the Finacle Treasury solution, UNB wanted to integrate the bank’s trading, risk management and back-office operations. The successful implementation of the solution resulted in faster trades processing and seamless risk aggregation across multiple asset classes. It has also helped reduce UNB’s cost per trade as well as improved operational efficiencies.

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RCBC, Philippines: Technology to transform business and leverage new growth opportunities

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is the Philippines’ fourth largest private commercial bank with consolidated assets of more than $8.6 billion. It has more than 395 branches and 892 ATMs nationwide, serving a wide range of customer segments. The bank deployed Finacle to replace its aging core banking system, increase the number of potential customers, and improve its ability to offer a variety of new products that would boost revenues. The implementation resulted in an ROI of 54.4 percent, a payback period of 2.7 years and an average annual net benefit of PHP608 million. In addition, the bank acquires close to 20,000 customers per month, resulting in a 34 percent growth in its monthly income.

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Core Banking Solutions

Republic Bank

Republic Bank (Barbados), earlier known as Barbados Savings Bank, was founded in 1852 in Bridgetown. The bank’s portfolio includes both personal banking services and corporate banking services. In addition, it offers foreign currency accounts, letters of credit, SWIFT money transfers, and investment banking services. The bank embarked upon a major strategic initiative – to replace its existing legacy platform with a best-in-class core banking solution. After considering parameters like architecture and scalability, the bank decided to go with the Finacle suite: Core banking, CRM, treasury, and e-banking solutions. Finacle’s extensive service-oriented architecture enhanced straight-through-processing and reduced manual intervention, drastically reducing processing time and error. This has significantly improved staff productivity and shortened the turnaround time for new account opening and completion of service requests. Since then, the bank has seen an increase in profit and a 50 percent increase in new account openings since going live in October 2009.

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Mainstreet Bank, Nigeria

Mainstreet Bank Limited is a commercial bank and a large provider of financial services licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It has a network of 217 branches, and is present in each of Nigeria’s 36 states. Mainstreet Bank was running on a file-based legacy application, which posed several challenges, especially in data extraction. The bank decided to transform its back office by modernizing its core banking, CRM, e-banking, and treasury solutions. After a thorough evaluation of several solutions, the bank decided to award the mandate for transformation to Infosys for its Finacle UBS. The bank had some very specific requirements warranting Infosys to innovate in its approach to implementation. The benefits post-implementation were staggering. The bank benefited from a substantial shrink in end-of-day (EOD) duration, reduced system runtime by 56 percent, and a faster turnaround time.

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Export-Import Bank

Export-Import Bank of India (ExIm) is the premier exports finance institution of the country. The government of India launched the bank in 1981, with a mandate to not only enhance India’s exports but to also integrate the country’s foreign trade and investment with overall economic growth. The bank aspired to revolutionize its operations from the conventional methods of banking into a more customer-centric and centralized next-generation financial service provider. ExIm Bank wanted to minimize human intervention and redesign existing processes to have a streamlined system in place. ExIm also had an objective of integrating the treasury and trade finance systems into one. The bank’s products and services had customer-specific variants adding to the challenges. ExIm chose Infosys in 2012 for their transition. Infosys implemented its marquee product, Finacle, to combat these challenges and its impact was extremely compelling. ExIm saw a significant growth in customer base, revenues, and overall efficiency.

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Kotak Mahindra Bank: Gearing up for the future

In 2009, Kotak Bank decided to transform its Core Banking Solution (CBS). The existing platform for retail and corporate banking had not been updated even once in the last 7 years, and was laboring under the load of the bank’s rapid growth. The bank considered a number of core banking technology vendors, before shortlisting Finacle. The Finacle implementation at Kotak Mahindra Bank was an unqualified success. It was not only remarkable for successfully replacing another vendor’s core banking system that was supporting millions of customers, accounts and transactions, but also for doing so within a short span of 18 months with no cost or time overrun.

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DBS Bank – Rapid Multi Country Core Technology Transformation

DBS Bank’s Emerging Markets and Overseas Countries (EMOC) were running numerous different legacy systems, many of which were “end-of-lifeing.” The loose connection of fragmented systems hampered the bank’s abilities to optimize its overseas entities, limiting expansion into those markets. In an effort to support its vision, DBS launched the EMOC Core Banking program. The operation was a regional, phased rollout of the Infosys Finacle platform to 13 locations over a period of 20 months. Deployment was a model of efficiency, going live in almost a branch a month at its height.


Emirates NBD – Core Transformation to Drive Growth

Core transformations can be a rigorous and lengthy process, where complexities and risks abound. Combine a core migration with a merger of two large financial institutions, and the challenge becomes exponentially greater. This was where Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD) found themselves in 2007, when, by government mandate, the banks were required to merge business lines and form one institution.


BankDhofar: Core Banking Transformation for Growth, Efficiency, and Control

BankDhofar, one of the leading banks in the Sultanate of Oman, operates 59 branches, a large network of ATMs across the country, and has assets worth over RO 1.6 billion. In end 2008, the bank started a core banking transformation project, migrating from legacy banking technology to Finacle, and changing much of the banking application portfolio and infrastructure with it. The Finacle implementation at BankDhofar was completed in 18 months.

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Hatton National Bank (HNB)

Hatton National Bank (HNB) Plc is one of the largest and one of the oldest private sector banks in Sri Lanka. The bank traces its roots to the Hatton Bank founded in 1888. HNB offers personal banking, corporate banking, development banking and international banking services. The bank also offers treasury services, mortgage financing, financial advisory and stock broking and insurance services through its subsidiaries. The company operates primarily in Sri Lanka, where it is headquartered in Colombo. The bank’s employee strength is 4,357.

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Thinking Out-of-the-Box

Bank Sohar core banking implementation (Phase1) was carried out before the bank formally opened its doors to the public within a record breaking timeframe of 56 days. All the basic features of the retail loan product in the corporate loan module was also built in, positively impacting revenues from the loans portfolio for the bank. A breakthrough decision taken, resulted in the actual revenue of the loans portfolio growing to over 10 times the expected target.

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Powering International Operations with the Technology Advantage

Bank of Baroda began its transformation journey by migrating to Finacle core banking and e-Banking solutions that replaced 8 other disparate legacy systems across its branches in 18 countries. The bank’s ‘One solution. One strategy’ stance was a strategic move to deter vendor-dependence that hampered the bank’s business users when they designed new products and updated business rules. This strategy was devised to address the escalating costs of solution maintenance as well. As the systems were not connected, the bank was losing out on huge business opportunities that could be netted with a set of improved and efficient service that could be provided had the systems existed on a common platform. With the advent of Finacle’s centralized solution on the Bank of Baroda scenario, the entire solution framework drew support from the bank’s centralized data center at Mumbai, India.

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Federal Bank, Technology Driven Growth

Federal Bank decided to adopt a centralized architecture for better efficiency, more control and for meeting challenges of the future. After a rigorous selection process, Federal Bank decided to adopt innovative technology by procuring Finacle universal banking solution from Infosys to fuel its retail core banking transformation initiative.

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Bank of Alexandria, Technology at the Heart of Transformation

Bank of Alexandria has a wide network of branches spread across Egypt. Prior to deploying Finacle, the bank’s branches worked on loosely connected disparate decentralized, mainframebased systems. Approximately 150+ ATMs were in use, working on ARKSYS switch. The bank had a branch automation system deployed at its 25 largest branches to meet retail,corporate and trade finance requirements. The remaining branches featured a mix of standalone systems developed in-house and manual operations.

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ABN AMRO, Technology led Excellence

Prominent international bank ABN AMRO Bank’s wholesale banking focus in India changed to retail banking in the 1990s, driven by strategic business imperatives and increased competition. Finacle, which replaced the bank’s AS/400-based ICBS solution from Fiserv, has delivered on all key factors like flexibility, integration with multiple delivery channels and reduced TCO. This has given crucial time-to-market advantage and business agility to the bank, thus helping script a retail banking success story.

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Scaling Up for Explosive Growth

Established in 1894, First Bank of Nigeria Plc found itself in a unique position as, despite its size and reputation, there were challenges to maintain the leadership position in a market that was as dynamic as it was competitive. After a rigorous evaluation process anchored by Accenture, the bank zeroed in on Finacle universal banking from Infosys. FBN piloted on Finacle in six months and since then has rolled out the solution across its 339 branch network, citing Finacle’s technological superiority and functional richness and above all its proven ability to scale up to explosive growth as critical factors in its transformation.

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Investment in Technology Yielding Rich Dividends Today

India’s second largest bank and among the Top 250 in the world, ICICI Bank is a universal bank offering a well diversified portfolio of financial services. The bank has assets of over US$ 41 billion and over 14 million customers through a network of about 570 branches, 2000 ATM's and a 3200 seat call center. The hallmark of this exponential growth is ICICI Bank’s unwavering focus on technology. The bank has successfully leveraged the power of Finacle and has deployed the solution in the areas of core banking, consumer e-banking, corporate e-banking and CRM.

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Technology Enabled Agile Banking

IDBI Bank is the commercial banking venture of leading development and financial institution of India, IDBI. After a detailed and rigorous evaluation, Finacle was deployed at IDBI Bank to power its retail and corporate banking, trade finance, as well as consumer and business e-banking operations. Going live with Finacle in a record time of 5 ½ months has gained IDBI Bank critical time-to market advantage and the ability to roll-out products much faster than ever before.

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Technology Enabled Transformation

The strongest capitalized bank in Jamaica, National Commercial Bank (NCB) is regarded as a pacesetter in the Caribbean financial sector. A series of mergers and acquisitions in the early 1990s had created conflicts within NCB because of differences in culture and, more importantly, their diverse IT infrastructures. NCB opted for Finacle, adopted a big-bang approach for their core banking deployment and following it up shortly deployment of Finacle consumer e-Banking, corporate e-Banking, CRM, treasury, and alerts.

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Marching Towards Leadership

United Bank for Africa PLC (UBA), the largest financial services institution in sub- Saharan Africa today, is a product of the first successful merger transaction in the history of Nigerian banking. Determined to leverage on a robust IT infrastructure designed to achieve excellent service delivery, UBA opted for Finacle universal banking solution, comprising core banking, corporate e-banking, alerts, CRM and treasury solutions from Infosys. To power ahead in the dynamic post-consolidation banking landscape of Nigeria, UBA required a technology partnership transcending a typical customer-vendor relationship; what emerged was Infosys’ impeccable delivery track record.

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Driving Lower TCO with Legacy Replacement

Among the top ten banks in Philippines, Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP) aims to become the most preferred bank leveraging new generation technology. UBP was the first amongst the top tier banks in the region to move from a legacy mainframe platform to open standard UNIX platform and a new-generation core banking solution, Finacle from Infosys. Total Cost of Ownership was a clear driver for the bank to go ahead with the core banking replacement. With the replacement of its legacy solution with Finacle, the bank would be able to get, over a 5 year horizon, a 15-17% reduction in overall costs.

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Channel Banking Solutions

Federal Bank

Federal Bank is a fast growing premier Private Sector Bank in India with business exceeding INR 8600 million ($ 1600 million). The bank has 1010 branches, 28 administrative offices, 1100 ATMs and a customer base of 6.5 million across the country. Technology has played a major part in the bank’s aim to differentiate itself to its customers. ATMs, Internet, mobile banking and other channels have broken the barriers of location and time, and have expanded the reach of the bank’s operations, earlier confined to its branches.

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ING Vysya Bank Ltd: Differentiation through Corporate Internet banking

ING Vysya bank’s existing Internet banking solution suffered from lack of integration, coding problems and architectural inefficiencies, all of which impacted the quality of user experience. Integrating the solution was imperative, but was also riddled with challenges, such as the existence of numerous platforms.

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Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Customer Service

The largest bank not only in Saudi Arabia but all of the Middle East, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) is committed to delivering better service to its customers by leveraging technology. NCB offers some of the most modern services in the banking world, with an estimated 72% of customer transactions being executed through alternative delivery channels. NCB selected Infosys’ Finacle web-based cash management solution, which was implemented within 12 months. By partnering with Finacle, NCB has effectively addressed its existing business constraints and successfully met its corporate clientele’s demands through enhanced customer service, reduced costs and streamlined operations.

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Internet Banking in ANZ Bank: Project Tiger's Leap Toward Scale (A Case Study by Financial Insights)

ANZ Bank is the third largest Australian bank, with assets of A$392.6 billion as of end-2007 (US$1 = A$1.05 as of April 2008). Among the country’s Four Pillar banks - composed of National Australia Bank (NAB), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank), ANZ Bank, and Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac), the bank is the most aggressive in expanding operations to other geographies. The bank has operations in 30 other countries - New Zealand (where it is the number one bank), the rest of Asia/Pacific (ROAP), Europe, including the United Kingdom, the United States, as well as a technology and operations center in Bangalore, India


Treasury Solutions

HPB Croatia, Profiting from Treasury Transformation

HPB was impressed with the flexibility provided by Finacle treasury solution through its robust customization infrastructure. Finacle treasury solution replaced the bank's legacy system and helped strengthen its competitive position by enabling innovation, greater process efficiencies as well as by meeting the new regulatory requirements, including Basel II. Implementation of the treasury solution reduced paper-work at the department level through automation and integration of the front office, middle office and back office. HPB Croatia can now monitor a deal through its entire life-cycle, through various stages at each department. STP enabled by Finacle treasury solution has helped the bank reduce operational risk. Report generation, in accordance with the regulatory requirements of CNB has been enabled, leading to easier and streamlined reporting.

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Credit Suisse, Enhancing Productivity

Credit Suisse provides its clients with investment banking, private banking and asset management services worldwide. Credit Suisse offers advisory services, comprehensive solutions and innovative products to companies, institutional clients and high-net-worth private clients globally, as well as retail clients in Switzerland. Credit Suisse is active in over 50 countries and employs approximately 45,000 people. Credit Suisse's parent company, Credit Suisse Group, is a leading global financial services company headquartered in Zurich.

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Exploiting Technology to Streamline Asset Management

Founded in 1999 at the inception of European Monetary Union and in anticipation of the rapid development of the Euro denominated credit markets, European Credit Management has €21.3 billion in assets under management, invested in European corporate bonds, bank capital, European emerging markets, asset-backed securities and leveraged loans. Based in London and authorized by the FSA, ECM is the only European asset manager to receive the top rating of M1 from Fitch Ratings.

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