Clients Speak


  • RakBank, UAE: Being Agile

    Sanjay Khanna, CIO at RakBank, talks about the need for banks to be agile to meet consumer expectations and to differentiate against competition in the market. RakBank has been leveraging Finacle to better anticipate customer needs, improve customer experience and launch innovative products faster.

  • Renew Banking With Innovation

    In this video, Mladen Mrvelj, CIO at HPB, speaks about the impact of the changing market and technology landscape on banking. HPB has been leveraging the Finacle core banking solution to deliver world-class services to their customers. Recently, the bank selected Finacle payments solution to deliver bespoke payment offerings and superior customer experiences.

  • ICICI Bank, India: Creating lifelong relationships with customers through simplification

    Rajiv Sabharwal, Executive Director, ICICI Bank, talks about their long-standing relationship with Finacle to create experiences for their customers and increase loyalty. Finacle has been the lifeline of their business; whether it is new acquisitions or new geographies, it has been Finacle all the way.

  • ING Bank, Belgium: Make banking easy

    Frank Stockx, Managing Director, ING Belgium, talks about their journey with Finacle so far. The bank looks at the system to replace the book of their domestic business and move into the next-generation of IT support.

  • Standard Bank, South Africa: Creating differentiated customer experiences to achieve business growth

    Peter Lloyd Schlebusch, CEO – Personal and Business Banking, Standard Bank Group, South Africa, talks about their journey with Finacle so far. With help from Finacle, they are looking to move from product silos to a much more integrated and customer-centric bank in the rest of Africa.

  • Ali Sajwani

    Chief Information Officer, Emirates NBD, UAE

    "The beauty about Finacle is that they are very quick when it comes to time to market and that we have already demonstrated through the integration program"

  • URALSIB, Russia: Implementing a lean production system within the bank

    Ilkka Seppo Salonen, Chairman of Board, URALSIB, Russia, talks about how they chose a world-class, well-known core banking system over local systems. He elaborates on the journey with Finacle and how it will help the bank simply its product offerings to its customers.

  • Bancolombia, Colombia: Transforming operations across multiple countries

    Lina Maria Duque, Director – Project Innova, Bancolombia, Colombia, talks about the increasing competitive market in Colombia and their partnership with Finacle. The bank now enjoys shorter time to market, a good portfolio of products, support for multiple languages, and is able to consolidate operations from across the region into a single, state-of-the-art system.

  • Union Bank of the Philippines, Philippines: Creating a culture and spirit of Innovation

    Justo Ortiz, Chairman and CEO, Union Bank of the Philippines, Philippines, talks about why they chose to partner with Infosys Finacle in their vision to make innovation a cornerstone of their competitive advantage. He talks about how Finacle gave the bank the ability to differentiate and respond at a customized level.

  • Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited, Barbados: Simplifying product portfolios

    Ian De Souza, Chief Executive Officer, Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited, Barbados, talks about why they chose to leverage Finacle – a robust, efficient, reliable, and best-in-class system – across their entire group.

  • Bank Muscat, Oman: Responding to the needs of the young consumer

    Gopakumar, Group General Manager – Retail, Investments and Global Markets, Bank Muscat, Oman, talks about their choice of Finacle as a scalable, tested and proven solution for their internet banking solution as they look to meet the changing demands of young consumers.

  • Victoria Commercial Bank, Kenya: Delivering a flawless implementation

    Manish Parmar, General Manager, Victoria Commercial Bank, Kenya, talks about their journey with Infosys Finacle. Having been through other software implementations, the Finacle project was among the softest and most comfortable installations.

  • Heritage Bank, Nigeria: Providing excellent customer service leveraging technology

    Ike Williams, Chief Information Officer, Heritage Bank, Nigeria, talks about their choice of Finacle – with its robustness and scalability. He also elaborates on how the bank benefited from their partnership with Infosys Finacle that brought in the required guidance, support and wealth of experience.

  • State Bank of India, Foreign operations: Create multi-country operational hubs to achieve greater efficiencies

    Narayanan Jambunathan, Chief General Manager (IT), State Bank of India, India, talks about how they have leveraged Finacle across all their foreign operations to gain control, efficiency and facilitate product development.

  • TBank, Turkey: Achieving operational efficiency and simplifying customer experience

    Ilhan Zeki Koroglu, Executive Vice President, TBank, Turkey, talks about how the bank benefited from their partnership with Infosys Finacle and the impressive commitment that Finacle showed throughout the project.

  • Karnataka Bank Ltd., India: The growth journey with Finacle

    Polali Jayarama Bhat, Managing Director and CEO, Karnataka Bank Ltd., India, talks about their partnership with Finacle – one that enabled them to realize the vision of connecting all their branches, including the ones in the remotest rural areas, with the core banking solution.

  • Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd., India: Mission uncomplicate

    Bhaskara Nagendra Murthy, Managing Director and CEO, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd., India, talks about how Finacle transformed the bank, moving it away from the legacy infrastructure of a 91-year-old bank.

  • IndusInd Bank, India: Powering growth, agility and compliance with Finacle

    Mridul Sharma, Senior Vice President and Head of Solutions Delivery, IndusInd bank, India, talks about the successful transformation from their earlier core banking system to Infosys Finacle.

  • Sridhar Rallabandi

    Head of IT and Retail Operations, Axis Bank Ltd

    Banking leaders understand that technology is critical for business growth, and their need for a robust and comprehensive core solution to expand product offering on demand. Watch our clients talk about how Finacle helps them stimulate their business growth.

  • Challenges facing the banking industry

    Sophie Nkuutu, Chief Financial Officer, DFCU Bank

    Reginald Ihejiahi, M.D. & Chief Executive, Fidelity Bank Plc

    Watch some of the world's leading bankers talk about greater agility that the banking industry needs, and also the required focus on technologies and processes that help reduce cost.

  • Operational efficiency is a top priority for most banks to improve the level of customer service

    Luis Efren Ramirez, Chief Information Officer, Banca Mifel

    Les Horne, Director - Core Banking, Standard Bank

    Operational efficiency is a top priority for most banks to improve the level of customer service. It also brings in productivity. Watch our clients talk about maximising efficiencies with Finacle as their technology partner.

  • BankDhofar

    Anthony Mahoney, CEO, BankDhofar, Oman

    Deepesh Saxena, Head of IT Department, BankDhofar, Oman

    "The platform given by Finacle is so stable, robust, flexible that we can do wonders with that"

  • Safina Wabuna Nakiyemba

    Head of ICT, Post Bank Uganda Limited, Uganda

    "Infosys is not just a service partner, they are now our consultant, because we are able to meet our customer needs. We are able to have discussions with them and they are able to device the way forward – what would be the best strategy to follow. And that has worked for us"

  • Reginald Ihejiahi

    M.D. & Chief Executive, Fidelity Bank Plc, Nigeria

    "Finacle and the technology is very important to success and differentiation. And we have been fortunate for the relationship we have had with both Finacle and Infosys as an institution"

  • Cosmos Bank

    Sashikant Bugde, Chairman, Cosmos bank, India

    Vasant Manwadkar, Chief Information Officer, Cosmos bank, India

    "Lot of competitors envy us because we are on Finacle"

    “Finacle is kind of a de facto standard for banking in India… It has close to zero issues in terms of scalability. It has a very good enterprise architecture.”

  • Sridhar Rallabandi

    Head of IT and Retail Operations, Axis Bank Ltd, India

    "As a core banking platform it allows us the ability to offer more products, get the benefits of scale, using a single platform rather than multiple platforms"

  • Dhinoo Veerasawmy

    Chief Operating Officer, Bank One, Mauritius

    "One of the fastest implementation in history, we implemented internet banking platform in three months"

  • Sophie Nkuutu

    Chief Financial Officer, DFCU Bank, Uganda

    "I would not hesitate to recommend Infosys and specifically Finacle. It is a company that I think does a lot to live up to its promises"

  • Anogwi Anyanwu

    Executive Director, Mainstreet Bank, Nigeria

    "Finacle is a much more robust banking application and 14 banks out of 22 banks in Nigeria are running on Finacle"

  • Jayant Mehrotra

    Chief Financial Officer, ING Vysya Bank, India

    "Finacle was willing to develop the product for our requirement based on our domain expertise. So it was working out to be a good partnership model"

  • Bharti Airtel Limited

    Sriram Jagannathan, CEO, M Commerce Services, Bharti Airtel Limited, India

    K. Srinivas, President, Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel Limited, India

    Amrita Gangotra, Director-IT, India & South Asia, Bharti Airtel Limited, India

    "The scale of an Airtel partnered with the domain expertise of Infosys in the banking space is bringing (consumers) the convenience of using mobile payments in a safe and secure manner"

  • Les Horne

    Director - Core Banking, Standard Bank, South Africa

    "We didn't select the product, we selected a partner that had the capability to serve us as the needs changed"

  • Walusimba kaweesa

    Chief Operating Officer, DFCU Bank, Uganda

    "I think we took the right decision by choosing Finacle. It is a robust platform, comprehensive in terms of its offering that encompasses nearly every area of banking"

  • Rajeev Beeharry

    Chief Executive Officer, Mauritius Post and Coop Bank Limited, Mauritius

    "It is user friendly not only to our customers, but also to our employees within the bank. When we launched our internet banking, it made a huge difference to our customers in terms of their expectations of our online banking solution"

  • Rasheed Adegoke

    CIO, First Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria

    "We embarked on our journey of transforming technology, process and the people delivering services to our customers, with Finacle."

  • Morohunke Bammeke

    Group Head - Operations, First Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria

    "Finacle's way of partnering and innovating together is central to a long term sustainable relationship."

  • A.J. Smiles

    Dy. Chief Executive Officer, Bank One Limited, Mauritius

    "The ability to integrate made us choose Finacle's core banking application"

  • Segun Oloketuyi

    Managing Director, Wema Bank, Nigeria

    "I didn't want an implementation process that would run for 18 months. Finacle said they could do it in 8 months. I know it wasn't just any other promise, because they did it".

  • KVS Manian

    President – Consumer Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, India

    "Implementing core banking solution is a long term decision and one has to be sure that support for the product and the product road map should look good, and both of that look good to us right now".

  • Luis Efrén Ramírez

    Chief Information Officer, Banca Mifel, Mexico

    "Finacle's solutions help us to meet our customers requirements effectively"

  • Per Ladegaard

    Group Managing Director, Nykredit Group, Denmark

    "Finacle has the necessary competence both on the technical side and the business side to provide solutions for the future"

  • Srinivasan Sampath

    Vice President - Business Support and Strategic Projects, Emirates NBD, UAE

    "We needed a solution that would speed up the organic and inorganic growth, and a technology that would help take us into the future. We got excellent support from the top management in achieving this goal"

  • Tim Franklin

    COO and Member of the Board, The Co-operative Bank, United Kingdom

    "Finacle is a fantastic product and has the flexibility we look for, and it has the ability to help us deliver to the changing expectations of our consumers"

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