• Twitter chat on ‘Banking in the digital era’

    11:00 – 13:00 GMT (16:30 – 18:30 IST)

    Twitter Handle: @Finacle
    September 12, 2012

    Join Infosys Finacle at this live event to get expert insights and share best practices.

  • Infosys Finacle is a Gold Sponsor of Banking Outlook Africa 2012

    July 30 – August 03, 2012

    Banking Outlook Africa 2012 is the eighth annual conference that brings together senior retail bankers – to debate and develop strategies for capitalizing the new opportunities and innovations in Africa’s retail banking sector.

  • Digital Commerce and Financial Services: Exploring the Promise

    June 7, 2012

    Financial institutions, telecom service providers, and retailers are waking up to digital channels – such as mobile and internet – to foster customer loyalty, unlock new revenue streams, and extend distribution reach cost-effectively.

  • Webinar: Customer loyalty – a multi-channel approach

    April 25, 2012

    This webinar focuses on customer loyalty and retail banking. Customer loyalty is key to boosting profitability and growth. Loyal customers buy more, stay longer and act as brand promoters, bringing new customers to the bank.

  • Middle East Retail Banking Forum 2012

    16th - 18th April, 2012

    Finacle from Infosys is the Strategic Partner at 7th Annual Middle East Retail Banking Forum, Dubai. Finacle from Infosys partners with banks to transform process, product and customer experience, arming them with ‘accelerated innovation’ that is key to building tomorrow’s bank.

  • Webinar – Segment of one: The latest trends and developments in customer segmentation

    28th March, 2012

    This webinar offers expert insight, analysis and interactive discussion on customer segmentation since this is a core issue facing the global retail banking industry.

  • Webinar: Core system transformation in Europe

    28th February, 2012

    The objective of the session is to discuss the findings of the primary research conducted by Ovum and commissioned by Infosys Finacle - ‘Business Case for Core system transformation in Europe’.

  • Webinar: A new era in digital banking

    30th January, 2012

    The objectives of the session are to examine the importance of the online user experience and why banks should have a user experience strategy and how it can improve the success of their e-banking offering.


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