The mandate of the alliance program at Finacle is to provide our customers with choice, optimized solutions and draw upon the strength of the ecosystem to gain time-to-market advantage. Finacle collaborates with a wide spectrum of companies across the globe, leveraging the forces of the flat world paradigm. Collaboration with these companies spans technology, sales, marketing, and solution delivery aspects. Our customers are assured of well-optimized Finacle on various platforms, choice of platforms, choice of business solutions, increasing functional and technical expertise on Finacle in the market, choice of companies to work with for Finacle, and a wider solution portfolio implementation. The structured program of alliance selection and management gives our customers a powerful combination of global companies and niche players as our common partners.

Finacle believes in building a long-term, strong, and selectively strategic relationship with its partners, who form an important and integral part of our business cycle. We call it ‘Finacle Value Partner Program’ – a program that keeps us knitted together to meet customer demands.

Business Alliance Partners

Infosys (Finacle) operates in different parts of the world through a wide distribution network of business alliance partners. These partners extend and complement Infosys’ network of offices in different parts of the world and reach out to existing and prospective customers of Finacle.

Complementary Solutions Partners

These partners provide complementary solutions for specific functional and technology areas thereby augmenting and enhancing Finacle’s capabilities. Complementary Solution Partners enhance Finacle’s value proposition to our customer banks by offering end to end solutions spanning all their business needs.

Platform Partners

In a business critical environment where Finacle operates, it is absolutely essential to have the whole solution functioning smoothly to ensure un-interrupted business operations. A close association with platform providers like Oracle, Microsoft, Sun, HP, IBM and Intel is therefore essential to maintain a trouble free operating environment for our customer banks.

Service Partners

Finacle has forged alliances with a number of companies who can provide resources on Finacle as well as do some implementations on their own. These companies range from large global SI to smaller firms who are extremely dedicated to Finacle services and customers.

Education Partners

Finacle is committed to providing comprehensive and high quality solutions to its customers. Education Partners help in propagating the domain functionality underlying the Finacle Platform, from an end user’s perspective. These partners help us in addressing key education and training related needs for customers as well as end users.

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