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Core Banking

View demo-led detailing of how Finacle addresses the requirements of retail, corporate and universal banks worldwide.

  • Liquidity Management

    Liquidity Management

    Today banks are clearly investing in differentiating through continuous innovation. In this scenario, your bank can leverage Finacle to strengthen its innovation agenda. As an integral part of the innovation program, Finacle can help your bank showcase new liquidity management solutions that can enhance returns for your corporate and cash-rich retail banking customers.

  • Bill Payments

    Bill Payments

    With retail revenues continuing to expand, banks must invest in expanding their offerings spread to meet customer demands. Finacle provides you with a robust framework, to create and offer a large palette of services for banking customers. Enablement of bill payments, through multiple modes and currencies, is one such convenience.

  • Account Opening

    Account Opening

    Today, banks are reinventing themselves to achieve true customer specificity. Finacle can facilitate a global view of customers, across enterprises and entities, driving this agenda, at your bank. With Finacle, critical data is captured as early as in the account opening process.

  • Transactions


    Banks invest significant energies into creating operational efficiencies. You will discover, Finacle has so many powerful enablers that can take your bank’s transaction efficiencies to the next level. This includes credit and debit part transactions, multicurrency transactions, fee and charges transactions and reversal transactions.

  • Product Creation

    Product Creation

    What really builds lasting competitive advantage for banks is their ability to continuously innovate and achieve differentiation through a wider showcase of offerings. Finacle’s consumer banking framework can help your bank design and deploy innovative products for varying market segments.

  • Syndication


    Banks today, don’t just compete, but also collaborate to surge ahead in a changing business world. Finacle can help drive this agenda of “co-opitition”. Facilitation of loan syndication, where the customer interfaces with one agent bank to avail a loan financed by multiple banks, through tranche amounts, is one example.

  • Disbursements and Repayments

    Disbursements and Repayments

    Retail banking continues to deliver significantly high returns on equity. With Finacle, you are assured of a robust consumer banking framework, to manage your retail offerings. For instance, Finacle arms you with all the necessary functionality to efficiently manage both disbursement and repayment for retail lending products.

  • Product Factory

    Product Factory

    Your bank can leverage Finacle to take new products and services faster to the market. Variability of product solutions can result in ‘product proliferation’ that complicates customer sales and service and increases operational risk and costs. These challenges can be addressed leveraging Finacle product factory which provides various reusable components that can be plugged at the product level to give definitive character to the product.

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