Consumer e-Banking

Finacle consumer e-banking, with its unified real-time view into customer relationships, enables banks to deliver a highly personalized yet consistent user experience. Rich and varied features for secure account management and aggregation, fund transfer, payment, and financial management ensure the bank’s Internet channel is fully equipped for comprehensive and reliable service delivery.

Key Modules

  • Unified account views and transaction information
  • Personal financial management
  • Personalization
  • Interactive services
  • Payable and receivable management
  • Electronic bill payment and presentment
  • Peer-to-peer payment
  • Risk and access controls
  • Administration
  • Infrastructure
  • Content management

Business Benefits

Lower costs, improve efficiency, and drive productivity

With Finacle consumer e-banking solution, the Internet becomes a banking channel that is as efficient as, or perhaps more so than, branch banking. It enables you to make the Internet your mainstream channel for banking, including for distributing products and services, thus lowering your overall costs. Finacle delivers improved self-service tools for financial management, empowering your customers and enabling efficient and productive utilization of bank resources. Cross-sells driven by analytics can improve the efficiency of online interactions, acquisitions, and sales. Single, consistent views of the customer relationship across the organization, driven by multi-channel integration, improve organizational productivity. Our ability to seamlessly integrate with different back-end hosts ensures that your bank will invest in reduced integration, testing, and deployment effort.

Drive innovation and grow revenues

With Finacle consumer e-banking solution, your bank can use the Internet banking channel as a mainstream channel, expand global footprint, and acquire more customers. Persona-driven analytics and customer insights can grow banking from cross-sells as well as ensure contextual, right-sell offerings to customers that will build loyalty. You can stay ahead of the curve and be perceived as an innovation frontrunner with the ability to build social commerce over your banking platform, where customers can transact with retailers.

Enrich user experience, build relationships, and foster loyalty

Delivering a rich and personalized user experience, complemented by comprehensive features, Finacle consumer e-banking solution significantly enhances the banks’ ability to engage and retain customers. Integration with social media helps banks deepen engagement with customers and further strengthen relationships. What’s more, the solution delights customers with the convenience of best-in-class financial management tools as well.

Reduce time-to-market

Built on open industry-standard platforms, the solution can help your bank extend its product portfolio globally with built-in configurability for local markets. With Finacle, you’ll roll out products and services targeted for local customers sooner and build global footprint within shorter timeframes.


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