Corporate e-Banking

Finacle corporate e-banking is a proven, secure and multi-channel enabled Internet banking solution to power future banks and their corporate customers. The solution brings together personalized real-time financial management with a rich and diverse feature set delivering global account management and liquidity management, financial supply chain management, with online transactional capabilities. Built on a configurable and flexible architecture, the solution is truly platform independent and integrates with multiple host systems. With its complementary bouquet of surround solutions including alerts, social media, and intelligent analytics, Finacle corporate e-banking solution empowers your bank’s channel innovation agenda by driving cost efficiencies and building customer loyalty and profitability.

Corporate e-Banking Key Modules

  • Balance and transaction information
  • Financial supply chain management and trade services
  • Liquidity management
  • Check printing
  • Reconciliation
  • Positive pay
  • Payable and receivable management
  • Forecasting
  • Interactive services
  • Risk and access controls
  • Administration
  • Personalization
  • Corporate self-administration

Corporate e-Banking Business Benefits

Build relationships, improve loyalty and revenues

At the end of the day, relationships build revenue. With our enhanced user-centric interface, the corporate e-banking solution delivers best-in-class user experience to users with personalization capabilities that enhance stickiness and full functionality adoption. Engage your enterprise clients, build communities, track feedback and uptake through intelligent analytics leading to mutually rewarding relationships and improved cross-sell revenue.

Deliver smart, efficient liquidity management

Using the solution, large and small enterprises gain complete control of and unique insights into their global cash position. Personalized reports and intelligent analytics help simplify daily cash management and forecast cash flows, helping clients manage and move idle cash reserves for maximum return on investment and reduce possibilities of overdraft or cash shortfall.

Lower costs, improve efficiency and productivity

Besides the inherent advantages of the cost-efficient Internet channel and reduced workload on the branch, the solution helps configure and automate banking workflows which would otherwise have needed manual effort, thus freeing up valuable resources. Seamless integration ensures that your bank will invest in reduced integration, testing and deployment effort.

Reduce time to market

Built on industry standard platforms (J2EE and .Net), Finacle corporate e-banking solution can help your bank extend its product portfolio globally with built-in configurability for local markets. This enhances agility of operation, helping global expansion within shorter timeframes.


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