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Finacle announces the launch of its e-Banking Version 11 solution. A comprehensive offering, Finacle e-Banking delivers rich, intuitive and personalized user experiences, catering to the individual needs of retail, small to medium and large enterprise customers. With this release, banks can empower their customers to exercise real-time control over their finances across channels and banking accounts.

The key highlights of the release include

  • In-built Personal financial management tools for customers to help plan, manage and track their finances real time
  • Intuitive dashboards and widgets providing a differentiated and personalized user experience for customers and relationship managers
  • Interactive banking services such as audio/video chat and co-browsing capabilities for strengthening customer relationships
  • Peer-to-peer payments and financial transaction designer help banks to design their own payable / receivable products and offer to their customers
  • Intelligent analytics for contextual right-sell marketing
  • Social media integration for Gen Y customers
  • Enhanced corporate banking offering for cash, trade and supply chain services

Version 11 also delivers an enhanced experience on features already available in earlier versions of Finacle e-Banking such as Balance & Transaction Information, Payables & Receivables Management, Bills, Reporting and Corporate Banking Services.

Built on a robust, scalable and extensible architecture, it is easily configurable and allows for seamless deployment with multiple host systems through the configurable host interface layer.

A truly multi-channel banking solution, Finacle e-Banking integrates with other channels and helps deliver coherent, consistent experiences to customers across all channels. Support for multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-entity mapping built into the solution enhances the ability of banks to develop global footprint within a shorter time and roll out localized product offerings with shorter time to market.

To know more, click here to download and read the detailed product brochure.


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