Finacle Treasury evaluated in Gartner report - 'Banks must align Treasury and Trading Platforms'

In its report titled 'Banks must align Treasury and Trading Platforms' * leading analyst firm Gartner investigates the imperative for application consolidation among the bank treasury and capital market trading platforms. The report delves on the challenges banks face with their current disparate platforms, such as problems in achieving STP, redundancy in common processes, duplication of implementation costs and support and implementation to support multiple asset classes.

Gartner analysts observe, “In most cases, the back and middle offices of trading and investment firms contain a variety of redundant processing and management activities isolated by asset type. Each asset type has common characteristics — for example, limit and risk management, accounting and reconciliation — but these complex structures limit sharing of process elements. Connections to each process, application and channel are replicated for each asset type. Beyond the cost of implementation and support, redundant processes have other disadvantages:

  • Delays in aggregating, and in the quality and consistency of cash management and risk information across asset types due to the number of separate systems and sources
  • Added complexity, cost and risk to integrate new asset types, greater time to make modifications and for testing and quality assurance to bring new products to market
  • Complicated regulatory monitoring and reporting
  • Need to focus on performance, not just efficiency”

In this report, Gartner also profiles the providers of these applications platforms, which includes the Finacle Treasury solution from Infosys.

The Finacle treasury solution from Infosys helps banks overcome the challenges they face with STP and redundancy in processes. Architected as an integrated treasury solution, Finacle supports front, middle and back-office functionality across a wide range of asset classes including foreign exchange, money markets, fixed income, equities, interest rate and FX derivatives, credit derivatives and structured products.

Gartner in its report goes on to predict: “The need for greater transparency, streamlined processes and data flows to reduce risks and service costs will push banks to a platform consolidation/rationalization plan that ultimately will recast treasury operations in the form of a treasury services hub.”

Finacle from Infosys believes it is progressing in the right direction towards Gartner’s envisioned treasury services hub by architecting the Finacle treasury solution on open technology platforms with all deal types. The solution uses common infrastructure for deal capture, risk management, settlements and accounting. It also provides full back-office processing capabilities including General Ledger and extensive middle office features such as limits, risk and liquidity management enabling reduction in costs, lower time-to-market of products and services and enhanced process efficiency while ensuring high scalability, flexibility and STP capability.

* The report is available to Gartner clients at

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