Finacle WatchWiz is a comprehensive new generation monitoring solution that effectively delivers integrated 24X7 monitoring and management services for Finacle and its extended infrastructure, in addition to supporting applications within the environment. Rendering a holistic ‘glass box’ view of Finacle, it empowers banks to proactively monitor and analyze health parameters, including:

  • Critical application data
  • Finacle user data
  • Finacle transaction data
  • Finacle services data
  • Database
  • OS and network
  • Application server and web applications
  • J2EE monitoring through an extensible and agent-less framework
  • Log data
  • Configuration changes
  • Fallback data

This enables banks to monitor critical health parameters by greatly improving diagnostics, issue detection and resolution with little intervention from Infosys.

The solution assists in root cause analysis of issues, establishes health parameter correlations and monitors configuration changes. This proves invaluable for the bank’s infrastructure team to ensure 100% service uptime. It helps administrators configure and manage services effectively, while also supporting effective troubleshooting. Instant SMS and e-mail alerts, along with the solution’s custom-configurable performance dashboards enable managers to analyze trends and make timely and effective decisions. Optimal application administration, efficient upgrade planning, reduced maintenance costs and improved customer service is the welcome outcome.

Key modules

  • Performance data analysis
  • Diagnostics
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Deployment view
  • ErrorlLog monitoring
  • Configuration monitoring
  • Alerts

Business benefits

Improved productivity

With Finacle WatchWiz, effort expended to aggregate data for performance analysis is substantially reduced, as is the effort and turnaround time for issue resolution. With data correlation available out-of-the-box, manual effort for root cause analysis is also obviated. This has a significant positive impact on productivity.

Increased ROI

Operational superiority is a direct result of the higher availability of Finacle and reduced downtimes on mission critical modules, facilitated by Finacle WatchWiz. This in turn creates greater business value. The complete automation of Finacle monitoring also brings considerable reductions in full time employees and other investment dedicated for IT management. Reductions in vendor consultancy costs for issue resolution, further improve ROI.

Improved customer services

Finacle WatchWiz enables true 24X7 monitoring of the entire Finacle environment, through a single window view, enabling faster customer issue resolution in real time. This enhances service levels and optimizes service delivery, resulting in greater client value.


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