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Finacle Finanz tools are an integrated family of advanced solutions that engage the bank’s customers in personalized product illustrations. These are simple-to-use financial calculators, simulators and modelers that illustrate how financial products work, and demonstrate their benefits and features. The tools quantify the outcomes of personalized scenarios, while providing engaging and interactive visual presentations.

Finacle Finanz tools enable easy-to-understand rendering of complex concepts, by presenting overall product pictures to the customer, without compromising on the details. This allows the customer to simulate various scenarios and understand products in detail, before making informed choices.

The bank can mix and match the range of tools, embed these directly into any or all of the sales channels, and use them as online marketing tools for:

  • Simulation: Recreating a range of product situations by suitably changing the parameters to match customer requirements, to observe outcome.
  • Comparison: Comparing two or more similar products to show the behavior of products for various parameters such as term and interest rate. These simulations are created online with results displayed in real time.
  • Illustration: Personalized illustrations for specific customer contexts.
  • Goal Seeking: Depicting the steps to achieve a financial goal.
  • Guidance: Advising customers to help them address critical questions related to financial planning.

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Key modules


Loan Repayment Calculator

Complex products are designed around mortgage and lending, with parameters like fixed & floating interest rates, installment amount, term and method of calculation. Finacle Finanz tools excel in depicting scenarios using these parameters. These tools can be engaged to determine eligibility and lending limits, in addition to illustrating repayment and complex products with dual interest rates.

While lending is often fundamental to a bank’s business, the struggle to sustain long-term growth in this vital niche has never been more difficult. Although the bank’s products and packages may offer substantial innovations and advantages, getting the customer to understand and appreciate these remains a challenge. Finacle Finanz tools can be leveraged to demonstrate personalized illustrations, engage customers and convert more enquiries into qualified leads.


Savings Deposit Calculator

Mobilization of funds through savings and deposits is a primary focus for banks. The rewards of saving regularly through the bank's products can be convincingly illustrated using Finacle Finanz tools. Interest computations for these products can be enhanced to attract customer attention. Some Finanz tools frequently used for this purpose include the compound interest illustrator, savings budget planner and deposit interest illustrator. They help customers choose savings products best suited to their needs. It is not uncommon for banking customers to lock funds in low yielding products. Finacle Finanz tools can be deployed to illustrate the benefit of moving funds to higher yielding products.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Payoff

Finacle Finanz tools help banking customers understand various offerings in the credit card space and choose the ones best aligned to their needs. These tools help in planning credit card repayments, analyzing impact of transferring balance from other credit cards and studying implications of changing credit cards. Increasingly customers are seeking to understand the long term advantages of credit card products. Finacle Finanz tools are an invaluable resource for the bank's sales force to convincingly illustrate the benefits of the bank's credit card offerings.

Wealth creation

Retirement Plan Checker

Clients approach banks for advice on wealth creation using various instruments of investment. Typically these are long term goals and customers require help in analyzing future scenarios, considering various interplaying parameters. These long term investments provide banks opportunities to sell products and services that ensure revenues over longer time spans.

Finacle Finanz tools can assist the bank in maximizing these opportunities. The goal seeker can help chart the path to achieve financial goals within a predefined term.

The retirement planner can help determine the balance of assets and liabilities required to reach a stated retirement objective. Finacle Finanz tools can also project income that can be generated from investment in properties and other products.


Multiple events trigger a client’s insurance purchase behavior. These events are opportunities for banks to help customers evaluate risk and define corresponding mitigation strategies. The impact of risk can be illustrated using Finacle Finanz tools. This provides ample opportunity for the bank to cross-sell products and increase customer ‘stickiness’, as well.

Business needs

As banks launch new offerings of increasing complexity, creating end-consumer understanding of these products is becoming a significant challenge. Banks need inventive tools like hire-purchase calculators to help illustrate these finance options. With banks selling third party products, this need is accentuated. In addition, there is the mandate to demonstrate advantages like tax-efficiency of these offerings. The real-time product simulations that Finacle Finanz tools can create can prove invaluable in such a scenario.

Additional features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Critical mass, critical tools
  • Online tools, desktop tools
  • Ease of integration

Business benefits

Robust sales engine

Finacle Finanz tools enable banks to convincingly demonstrate the advantages and utility of their proposition. This significantly shortens the prospect-to-customer conversion cycle. These can also deliver ‘live leads’ instantly, informing the bank of the presence and contact details of the sales prospect, in real time. This presents the bank with a powerful tactical sales solution.

Sustained cross-sell framework

Finacle Finanz tools simplify the bank’s product offerings for customers and helps them understand mortgage, loan, investment, wealth creation, retirement planning, taxation, budgeting and insurance planning products through personalized illustrations and scenarios. This presents a long-term strategic framework for the bank to effectively manage customer experience and aggressively explore opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell.

Innovative product launch pad

Innovative product simulations, for banks seeking to introduce new products, can easily be built using Finanz tools’ highly flexible technology. Virtually all types of new financial products can be illustrated by leveraging its calculation engine. The tools’ localization capability, including multilingual and multi-currency support, empower banks to drive the innovation agenda, across their multi-country operations.

Banks can deploy Finacle Finanz tools to demonstrate offerings beyond the traditional product. Novel offerings like telephone plans and credit card loyalty points have been successfully illustrated using these tools.

Flexibility of Use

Finacle Finanz tools are designed and implemented with emphasis on their easy integration capabilities. These can be:

  • Deployed throughout the bank’s sales channels: branch, web and offline on roving laptops
  • Leveraged at each stage of the sales cycle, from initial personalized illustrations to quotations and applications
  • Integrated with CRM, Internet banking and other systems
  • Tailored to precisely match the bank’s back office and legacy calculations
  • Sophisticated calculation engines helping to build new calculators quickly

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