Operational Data Store

Finacle operational data store empowers banks with a secure and reliable technology infrastructure to derive optimal value from data and meet a whole range of operational, business and strategic objectives. This is enabled through support for data access and retrieval on demand. The store can be effectively leveraged to meet the bank’s demand for business analytics with format and feature-rich reports that can be extensively customized.

The easy-to use and comprehend, operational data store provides decision makers an anytime-anywhere unified view of the bank’s structured operational data. It guarantees high fidelity and consistency across reporting, playing a pivotal in transforming key institutional data into measurable performance indicators.

Business benefits

Increased business agility

Finacle operational data store provides banks an efficient and effective means of meeting their regulatory, analytical and MIS reporting requirements. This streamlines data dissemination processes and enables decision-makers to respond to business imperatives with greater agility.

Improved performance

Finacle operational data store takes on the rigors of managing operational data, relieving OLTP and other transactional systems at the bank off the load. This eliminates the need for access to the production database for generation of reports, significantly enhancing performance of the transactional infrastructure.

Lower reuse and maintenance costs

Coupled with its integrated metadata, elements for data governance and ability to integrate multiple data sources, Finacle operational data store enables a relatively cost-efficient means of managing the maintenance of multiple downstream extracts.


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