Finacle Payments

Finacle Payments is an advanced enterprise payments services hub to modernize your business. The solution manages end-to-end payments lifecycle and processes payments regardless of payment instruments, originating channels, hosting modules and payment networks. The SWIFT ready solution is designed leveraging ISO 20022 standards to deliver seamless interoperability across various global and local payment networks.

Key functional modules

  • Domestic payments
  • International payments
  • Exception and investigation management
  • Compliance management
  • Payment products
  • Suspense management
  • Mandate management

Key infrastructure modules

  • File management
  • Template management
  • Network directory infrastructure
  • Finacle integration platform
  • User dashboards

Business benefits

Enhanced operational efficiency

Finacle Payments provides an enterprise-wide payments engine with multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-country, multi-host, multi-channel and multi-time zone capabilities to centralize the payments operations across the organization. This brings down the operational costs and offers reduced time to compliance, better control, transparency and visibility.

Superior agility

The solution empowers financial institutions with agility to respond to rapid changes. The global platform offers pre-built best practices and products to bring global innovations to the local markets.

Futuristic design

The SOA based solution is designed with ISO 20022 data standards to adapt to emerging payment networks. This highly scalable solution empowers financial situations to manage growing payment volumes confidently and even allows in-sourcing of third party payment transactions to create an additional revenue stream.

Differentiated customer service

Finacle Payments empowers financial institutions to offer tailored payment services to various customer segments with relationship-based pricing, configurable access control and rule-based process flows.


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