Finacle Universal Banking Solution

How can your bank simplify business technology and operations to create tomorrow’s advantage? With the industry’s most advanced solution that empowers you to seamlessly transform your systems and make that leap into the future.

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Core Banking

Finacle core banking solution is a comprehensive, agile, componentized yet integrated business solution, addressing all the core needs of banks, in easy-to-configure modules.

Consumer e-Banking

Finacle consumer e-banking, with its unified real-time view into customer relationships, enables banks to deliver a highly personalized yet consistent user experience.

Corporate e-Banking

Finacle corporate e-banking is a proven, secure and multi-channel enabled Internet banking solution to power tomorrow’s banks and their corporate customers.

Mobile Banking

Finacle Mobile Banking solution offers a rich, secure, and intuitive banking and payment experience to retail and corporate customers. The solution works on a variety of mobile devices, platforms, and access modes.


Designed by seasoned treasurers and shaped by traders from the world’s largest treasuries, Finacle is an integrated front, middle and back office treasury solution covering the entire deal lifecycle for a wide range of trading and capital markets products.

Wealth Management

The Finacle wealth management solution is a modular, scalable solution designed for private and retail banks. It offers a unique combination of extensive portfolio functions for the front and back office.


Finacle Payments is an advanced enterprise payments services hub to modernize your business. The solution manages end-to-end payments lifecycle and processes payments regardless of payment instruments, originating channels, hosting modules and payment networks.

Liquidity Management

Finacle Liquidity Management is a front-to-back office liquidity management solution that empowers banks to offer a comprehensive range of services to their corporate clients to identify, manage and optimize liquidity.


Finacle Origination is a best-in-class enterprise loan origination solution, which simplifies the complete credit lifecycle, across retail and commercial loans.

Direct Banking

Finacle direct banking solution is a comprehensive solution for banks to directly acquire, track and service customers, through the Internet, mobile or call center channels, in the complete absence of a brick and mortar infrastructure.

Islamic Banking

Finacle Islamic banking solution offers an integrated and comprehensive approach for banks to define and present Shariah-compliant products to customers.

Digital Commerce

Finacle digital commerce solution leverages the power of digital money to unlock new revenue streams, extend distribution reach and foster customer loyalty for financial institutions, telecom service providers and retailers.

Offers and Catalog

Finacle Offers and Catalog is a first of its kind solution for the banking industry. It empowers business users to bundle products and services to create compelling offers, and publish them across channels instantly.

Multichannel Framework

Finacle Multichannel Framework is an enterprise-class channel management solution that empowers banks to offer seamless and consistent banking experience across channels.

Finanz Tools

Finacle finanz tools are an integrated family of advanced solutions that engage the bank’s customers in personalized product illustrations. These are simple-to-use financial calculators, simulators and modelers that illustrate how financial products work, and demonstrate their benefits and features.


Finacle CRM solution is a modular, multilingual, Web-based customer-centric application that enables banks to leverage ready-to-deploy CRM functionality for competitive differentiation.


Finacle Advizor empowers banks to deliver products and services through a fully assisted self service channel that capitalizes on the organization’s existing Internet banking capability.


Finacle Lite is a banking solution, on a private cloud environment, specifically tailored to address the core banking, e-banking and mobile banking requirements of co-operative banks, community banks and credit unions worldwide.


Finacle analyz, integrated with Finacle universal banking solution, provides holistic customer analytics for banks, through both insightful business reports and rigorous statistical models.


Finacle alerts solution empowers banks with the capability to alert end users about events recorded by the bank's diverse business systems. The solution's subscription feature enables the bank's customers to select specific information they want to be alerted about, in addition to the time and channel of information receipt.

Inclusion Solution

Finacle inclusion solution enables banks to gainfully serve the under-banked and unbanked with relevant products and services. It supports the multi-channel delivery of these offerings, with optimal operational efficiency, while ensuring viability of the endeavor as a sustainable and profitable business.

Operational Data Store

Finacle operational data store empowers banks with a secure and reliable technology infrastructure to derive optimal value from data, and meet a whole range of operational, business and strategic objectives.


Finacle WatchWiz is a comprehensive new generation monitoring solution that effectively delivers integrated 24X7 monitoring and management services for Finacle and its extended infrastructure, in addition to supporting applications within the environment.

Core Banking Solution for Regional Rural Banks

Finacle core banking solution for RRBs is a comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution that effectively addresses their strategic and operational challenges.

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