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Infosys Flypp for Mobile Consumer Engagement & Application Marketplace

Flypp for Mobile is a white-labeled mobile application marketplace. It enables mobile operators, device manufacturers, retail brands, media companies, advertisers, and enterprises to engage their consumers by delivering rich and relevant experiences across numerous mobile devices, platforms, and operating systems.

The IDC – Infosys study reveals that the top objectives of mobile operators globally for launching an application store is to enhance customer stickiness, improve average revenue per user (ARPU) and generate new revenue streams. Flypp for Mobile enables mobile operators to realize their objectives. Flypp enhances customer stickiness through its ecosystem of experiential applications. Flypp also creates "over-the-top" revenue opportunities for its business partners by providing the application store experience, not just on smartphones, but also on conventional mobile phones.

Flypp creates opportunities for retail brands, media companies, advertisers, and enterprises to reach out and connect with consumers in a multi-operator, multi-device environment. It is designed to support over 4,000 unique makes and models of mobile devices ranging from basic feature phones to smartphones and tablets.

Flypp for Brands

Flypp for Brands empowers advertisers, media companies, and enterprises to engage consumers and provide new experiences through branded applications and retailing zones.

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