About Flypp


Infosys Flypp™ Application Marketplace - Customer Engagement Platform

Flypp is a white-labeled application marketplace that enables operators, original equipment manufacturers and consumer brands to actively engage their consumers across digital channels.

This advanced technology platform delivers rich, relevant and targeted application-driven experiences across devices and platforms. Flypp offers an end-to-end managed service and partnership-driven business model that enables rapid time to market with minimal cost and risk. With an ever-growing ecosystem of application partners, Flypp gives customers access to a deep portfolio of applications drawn from a global network of independent software vendors, developers, aggregators, content providers, media companies, and brands.

Developed through a multi-year innovation effort, Flypp streamlines and eliminates service-provider application store deployment challenges. Flypp takes care of many front-end requirements – such as user interfaces and user-driven applications portfolio templates – and all back-end activities in managing an application store. This enables service providers to concentrate on engaging stakeholders through a white-labeled application store. Because of its minimal integration requirements, Flypp can be quickly integrated with service provider systems and marketing processes, and taken to market within weeks.

Flypp includes advanced bundling and retailing capabilities, a proprietary application store platform, ecosystem management of both global and local developers, as well as business operations and professional services. Its evolving applications portfolio now consists of more than 200,000 applications from diverse partner types, which can be delivered to more than 4,000 devices.

Through its partnership model, Flypp offers service providers multiple financial options for launching an application store while maintaining a long-term commitment to its success.

Meanwhile, Flypp is creating new opportunities for marketers and content providers. As the mobile advertising and content space continues to evolve quickly, advertisers, media companies and brands are all looking for avenues, which they can leverage to engage a growing segment of digital consumers. Application stores have become one such vehicle. Accordingly, the Flypp ecosystem of applications includes sponsored, branded, and media applications. By incorporating these into personalized and tailored application portfolios, Flypp delivers unique experiences to its users. The diversity in ecosystem players and targeted portfolios is what enables Flypp to deliver on the promise of a true application marketplace. Flypp touches the life of your digital consumers through a multi-channel, multi-operating system, multi-device approach.

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