White papers

Best practices in mobile application testing

This white paper discusses quality assurance (QA) challenges in mobile application testing as well as testing strategies, testing types and test automation tools for mobile. Today there are many vendors in the enterprise mobility market...


Building an enterprise application store

As more and more organizations seek to enable enterprise-wide mobility, they need solutions that can host intelligent application store functionality with a strong suite of capabilities. With attractive benefits of higher productivity and business flexibility, enterprise are seeking...


The future of mobile applications

Providers of mobile communication adopt new business models to drive growth and create value. With the recent advancements in mobile applications, they...


Mobile operators' application store strategy: objectives and drivers for success

Mobile communication is one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy. Continued revenue and profitability depends on driving new data revenue streams. Mobile application stores are a powerful vehicle to demonstrate...

Reproduced with permission from IDC


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