Global Sourcing

Focus Topics

Modular Global Sourcing

Outsourcing has undergone a fundamental transformation with the onset of globalization. Once viewed as a tactical tool for reducing operations costs and augmenting internal resources, outsourcing has now become a strategic activity.

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Metrics and Measurements

At the outset, you must evaluate whether, and where, global sourcing will work for you, and how exactly you will benefit. After a thorough understanding of client objectives, Infosys has developed various tools and programs such as

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Privacy and Security

Reports of data theft and privacy lapses have raised concerns about the data privacy and security practices of global sourcing vendors. At Infosys, we consider our customer's data to be of paramount importance. We have instituted

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Sourcing Destinations

As companies position themselves to compete effectively, it is imperative to look at the world as a single market consisting of many local (national) markets. Whether you sell a product or a service, you cannot afford to ignore large parts

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