Infosys Health Benefit Exchange Enabling the One-stop-shopping Experience

Enabling a one-stop shopping experience

Consortium formation is critical for successful Health Benefit Exchanges (HBEs). It not only provides an ideal environment for development with real data but also yields faster go-to-market (GTM).

Partners of the Infosys health benefit exchange ecosystem

  • Finance partners
    Our financial partners provide exchange members with healthcare banking service functions. They include health savings accounts (HSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) through facilities such as Visa and Master debit cards, payroll deductions, and teller facilities.
  • Clinical data repository partners
    Our clinical data repository partners provide a real-time consumer-owned health database that consolidates clinical data from a variety of sources including laboratory test results, pharmacy information, radiology reports and images, pathology reports, hospital admission / discharge / transfer dates, discharge summaries, and progress notes for exchange members.
  • Clinical decision support partners
    Our clinical decision support partners provide real-time, structured, patient-specific clinical information about medication lists, allergies and recent medical procedures. The health exchange uses these details to recommend optimal plans for members.
  • Eligibility verification partners
    Our eligibility verification partners provide extracts of the medicare beneficiary database (MBD) / medicaid management information system (MMIS), which holds demographic data for every U.S. citizen eligible for medicare or medicaid benefits. It also provides support plan recommendations based on the individual's eligibility.
  • Interface partners
    Our interface partners enable the interface with various payers to extract plan information and host on the exchange. It provides standardized plan data / information to facilitate exchange based on benchmark attributes. For example, fields such as ‘deductible’, ‘co-pay’, and ‘type of plan’. It also allows transmission of enrollment information to the respective payer after selection of plan.
  • Infrastructure partner
    Our infrastructure partners provide hardware and operational software, cloud infrastructure, speech-recognition technologies, disaster recovery systems with a diverse geographical failover site for hosting the exchange solution. This enables the exchange business to continue with minimum interruption.
  • Rating / credentialing partner
    Our rating partners provide information on the quality of health plans and providers that serve the state. At a national level, it provides standardized providers and health plan rating systems, which can be used across the U.S.

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