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Transforming government and private sector entities for sustainable growth

India is poised for tremendous growth in the next two decades. With a GDP of US$1.9 trillion and an annual growth rate of 6 – 8 percent, it is well positioned to be one of the top three economies in the world by 2030. However, as exciting as the opportunities are, the challenges – for a young nation with a burgeoning population – are equally significant and have to be overcome before paving a smooth road to progress and development.

Challenges and opportunities

Government: Equitable growth – under which the benefits of progress are felt at all socioeconomic levels – is still an ideal at this point and this is where technology can play an important role. The focus of growth needs to be on ensuring inclusive governance, and enabling citizens to interact with the government in a fast, scalable and transparent manner.

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Private sector: Benchmarking against global standards reveals that Indian private sector enterprises are under-invested in IT. This calls for flexible IT infrastructure – driven by integration of diverse systems and new technology platforms – that enables enterprises to achieve scale, consolidation and global competitiveness.

How Infosys delivers business value

Infosys India Business has been closely associated with several government, private and public sector IT initiatives designed to improve the flow, use and management of information. We believe that the country is at a defining moment in its history and are proud to be involved in ‘building the nation of tomorrow.’

With vast expertise, Infosys India Business has successfully driven several transformational IT services and solution projects in the country. These projects have addressed pressing issues in financial inclusiveness and access, e-governance, healthcare, utilities, and agricultural and livestock productivity. We have delivered innovative solutions to private sector enterprises, such as mobile banking for a major telecom service provider. These projects are compelling evidence of our efforts to enable India’s growth story and make it a reality for all its citizens.

Infosys - Building Tomorrow's Enterprise

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