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How we deliver business value to aerospace and defense enterprises

Crunching cycle times. Enabling breakthrough in design. Delivering cost efficiencies. Infosys can help enterprises do all this and more with tailored solutions across the entire aerospace and defense value chain — leveraging global capabilities that enable better financial performance.

Business transformation: Infosys helps aerospace companies in large transformation programs associated with e-procurement, digitization of processes, product engineering, e-commerce, analytics and business intelligence, and supply chain initiatives.

Accelerating innovation: Infosys helps customers develop high-quality, performance-optimized aerospace products at very low cycle times. This includes providing network-centric computing to build connected airplanes, green aircrafts, avionics electronics for control systems, electronic cockpits and personal on-board entertainment, also helping to improve operational performance.

Efficient operations: Infosys helps improve the efficiency of maintenance and repair overhaul (MRO) through self-service customer solutions. We use social computing to help reduce cost of collaboration while improving confidentiality and security in the aerospace ecosystem, improving returns on enterprise implementations of product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) — so you can respond to your customers rapidly, reduce maintenance cycles, simplify maintenance processes and improve product reliability.

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