Building tomorrow's airlines enterprise

For enterprises taking off to their dream destination of new revenue opportunities, highly satisfied customers and ever-expanding business, a smooth landing will require the right mix of IT-led innovation, on-ground efficiency, and boardroom strategy.

The changing face of customer demand, huge dependency on fuel costs, and a new generation of tech-savvy, service-conscious passengers are creating a complex environment in which running business on autopilot is no longer an option.

Challenges and opportunities

Customer loyalty: A ‘low-cost, low-fare’ market calls for a ‘high-customization’ brand experience. Frequent flyer programs are not enough. Keeping the check-in line busy will require airlines to add their ‘special sauce’ to each service and product. It’s time to get personal.

Revenue enhancement: Ancillary revenue and its importance need no introduction. Enterprises need to become more nimble and introduce new product offerings not just rapidly, but also in ways that they stand out in terms of unique service and right price.

Cost management: With the combined effect of intense competition driving down fares, and fuel prices on the rise, smart cost management is more than a need. It's a bottom-line imperative.

Digital consumers: Disruption is in the air. With rapidly evolving traveller-friendly technologies and service models, enterprises must embrace digital platforms and be all-pervasive – reaching out across channels to interact, inform, and engage.

How Infosys delivers business value

Today, marquee airlines and varied industry players across the globe leverage our best-in-class solutions and services to create business impact and enhance capabilities across different business functions – from flight operations to multichannel selling. We put airline entities on the course to tomorrow's enterprise by addressing challenges in three key areas – business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations.

How Infosys Delivers Business Value - Airlines  

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