Building tomorrow’s automotive enterprise

Automotive enterprises need to get on the fast track to the future if they are to capitalize on market opportunities. These opportunities come with new market dynamics that help enterprises catch up on the road to sustained success.

Structural changes brought on by the recent downturn have made the industry more resilient. To succeed in a post-crisis world, companies need to build loyalty with the new digital consumer. They need to put:

  • Engineering integration in overdrive
  • Exploration of new models of commerce in top gear
  • Supply chain agility on the fast lane

Challenges and opportunities:

  • Changing consumers: Tastes change with time. And tomorrow’s environmentally-conscious vehicle buyer will have different priorities, making decisions based on peer recommendations and wanting to co-create while being digitally connected. This calls for automakers to re-orchestrate the consumer ecosystem to build and retain the loyalty of new buyers.
  • Integrating new technologies: Automotive engineers are tasked with integrating newer technologies in the vehicle more quickly than ever, driven by the need to stay connected on the road and by green movements. Leveraging talent and practices from non-automotive industry base will be essential to ride this new wave of product innovation.
  • Connected vehicles: Tomorrow’s vehicle will be an extension of the owner’s lifestyle, leaving the door open for a digital channel for an array of products and services. Automakers need to tap into this opportunity and create new revenue streams with innovative offerings requiring new models of commerce.
  • Smarter supply chains: Agility in reacting to shifting markets and demand patterns, information visibility, and resilience to adverse situations will characterize smarter supply chains of tomorrow. Because being ‘just efficient’ is not enough anymore.
  • New growth markets: What works in one place will not work in another. Rapidly evolving infrastructure, economic thresholds, and consumer behavior in emerging economies will drive product and process innovations required for success and local innovations.

How Infosys delivers business value

Infosys is helping automotive clients perform with solutions and services in three ways – business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations.

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