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Rethinking fundamentals – the changing role of category captainship

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers have traditionally built their propositions based on demand moments and shopping ...

Kraft partners with Infosys for testing services

Kraft reached its goal of automating more than 80 percent of its core business process tests with little disruption to business teams. In conjunction...

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The State of the Store

A study of how consumers and retailers view the shopping experience in Europe.

Shrinking mainframe operating costs – A holistic approach

Mainframe environments typically consume 10 – 40 percent of a company’s IT budget. Today companies face tighter operating margins, increased...

Relevance and personalization: Two ways to positively influence customer loyalty

When you begin to actually measure, not model, a customer’s actual interests, wants and needs – including when to reach them on any device they...

Engage your customer with a relevant experience

Companies must constantly improve, take note of successes and failures of channels, and improve their targeting with an iterative...

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Approach to big data

Peter Sieyes, AVP, Head of Consumer Marketing and Innovation at Infosys, talks about how marketers should shift their organization’s attitude...

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Is social collaboration in the enterprise doomed to fail?

Social collaboration initiatives in the enterprise often focus too much on tools and technologies needed to implement them, rather than the...

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Online crowd control

Online crowds influence the digital spectrum more often than less. Digital marketers need to be schooled to use the power...

Orchestrating Demand Moments by Steering Business in Real Time

The path to purchase is more volatile than ever before. Today, companies need to be ahead of competition to understand, influence, engage and convert consumers. Only a much faster ‘sense and respond’ mechanism will allow...

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Innovation Inside: Embedded Knowledge Accelerates Product Development

Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE) systems help retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies accelerate innovation from concept-to-market by reusing knowledge about products.

Outsource Supply Chain Operations to Outperform

Contract manufacturing and packaging improve productivity and operational efficiency of the retail supply chain.

Serve Customers Better with Shared Services

A shared services model for customer management drives operational excellence and increases revenue, according to Infosys' expert.

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Offer the Shopping Cart on the Mobile Phone

Retailers can enhance the shopping experience and ensure customer loyalty by connecting the physical and online retail stores.

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A Slice of Statistics for Enhanced Store Clustering

Retailers adopt store clustering to plan assortments, and implement an effective merchandising strategy. According to Infosys' expert, retailers must adopt an analytics-based approach to standardize assortments...

An Agile BI Program, the Starting Point of Effective Decisions

An agile Business Intelligence (BI) program that aligns with business goals and leverages existing data can deliver a competitive advantage to retail and consumer packaged goods companies.

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Moments of Truth - The Sweet Spot for Effective Marketing

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) must adopt strategies and new technologies to engage digital consumers and improve the effectiveness of digital campaigns, according to Infosys’ experts.

Thermal Printing and Application Integration: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Diverse printer hardware and peripherals such as thermal printers used by Consumer Packaged Goods companies for their printing needs can also be used for integration and bespoke applications. In an article published in Consumer Goods Technology, Infosys’ expert proposes...

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ShoppingTrip360: Designed for Smarter Retailing

Infosys' ShoppingTrip360 provides consumer insights and business intelligence that open up opportunities to grow sales, according to leading industry publications. The service gauges the effectiveness of in-store marketing campaigns while measuring consumer response to...

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The Next Frontier for Trade Promotion Management

Consumer Packaged Goods companies can capitalize on outsourcing to transform Trade Promotion Management. Infosys' experts believe that IT solutions can help better serve consumers, reduce costs, forecast and reconcile spending more accurately.

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Does your RFID Application Boost Sales?

RFID Journal published a story on new product developments in radio frequency identification (RFID). It highlighted Infosys' proprietary algorithms that provide visibility into the movement of tagged goods through the supply chain...

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Does your Supply Chain Measure up to Metrics?

Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM) helps Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies sustain their competitive advantage by unleashing the benefits of an agile, lean and customer-oriented supply chain...

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DDSN - A Catalyst for Growth in CPG

The GMA Forum Magazine conducted a Thought Leader Roundtable on increasing Return On Investment (ROI) in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry...

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Strategies for Winning Trade Promotions

The GMA Forum Magazine conducted a Thought Leader Roundtable on leveraging analytics for trade promotions in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry....

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The Key to Winning in CPG: Leveraging Data to Plan and Execute at the Channel-Store Level

A winning solution for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies will be integrating comprehensive real-time information and utilizing it to improve and synchronize planning and execution across territories, channels and stores...

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Look into your Supply Chain for Hidden Threats highlighted the need to insure against risks that threaten global supply chains. According to an expert from Infosys, the key to risk-preparedness is visibility. "Lack of visibility into one's supply chain is a key risk in itself."

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From Product Inception to the Store published a story on the benefits of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). According to Infosys' retail and consumer packaged goods expert, Product Lifecycle Management actually focuses on the...

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Supply Chain: The Tipping Point of India's Growth

Increasing consumerization of the middle class is creating demand for higher levels of supply chain capability and this is driving investment into critical areas. published a story on the challenges of implementing...

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