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Renewing and creating new value for the consumer packaged goods enterprise

Who is buying what, where, when, and why are questions that will always follow consumer packaged goods (CPG) enterprises. It is the ability to evolve with the mobile, socially aware consumers and understand their habits – quickly and accurately – that will empower enterprises. With this empowerment, they can effect change and predict demand patterns, as well as engage, convert, and retain consumers, both at home and in-store.

The CPG business blueprint needs an out-of-the-box strategy, green intelligence, and collaborative excellence. In the ‘imperatives playbook’ are three areas that winners will focus on – price, performance, and potential.

Challenges and opportunities

Pricing optimization: Today, well priced is well begun. With multichannel strategies in place, CPG enterprises also have to get real-time about user requirements. Using analytics to understand shopper trends at the point of purchase and then integrating it with the entire value chain – from sourcing, and back to point of sale – can create a more efficient business model and engender consumer loyalty, while paving the way for enhanced profitability.

Using collaboration and information for a competitive edge: CPG players can realize great value from leveraging an ecosystem of partners for seamless collaboration across the value chain, and co-creating with them to crunch time-to-launch. Reaching out to consumers with targeted information through non-traditional channels, with intelligent technology, gives the enterprise room to ‘rethink, repackage, and re-channel.’

Emerging markets: Even as emerging economies are providing windows to accelerate growth and increase margins, they are being evaluated against a variety of dimensions – a largely untapped consumer base that will require unique supply chain solutions, finding the right talent and resources. While global capacity and the flow of capital are additional variables, sustained growth in new markets calls for innovation hubs, smart sourcing, and re-engineered technology platforms, and business processes.

How Infosys delivers business value

We blend our expertise in consulting, technology, and sourcing to help our clients solve complex business challenges and unlock their value levers, by creating outcomes in three key areas – business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations.

How Infosys Delivers Business Value - Consumer Packaged Goods
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