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SCADA system implementation for an oilfield service provider

Infosys develops, tests, and configures a SCADA application to enable close monitoring, control, analysis, and maintenance.

One-click access to project data on exploration and production

Oil and gas companies face challenges in sharing engineering data among global stakeholders during the execution of exploration and production (E&P) projects. We propose ...

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Service-oriented architecture simplifies data source integration

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables end-to-end automation of the refinery scheduling process, builds a business-wide services repository, facilitates collaboration with supply chain partners, and reduces time to market. An Infosys expert organizes the scheduling ...

Published with the permission of Hydrocarbon Processing, Gulf Publishing Company. Originally appeared in the October 2009 issue

Automated scheduling for predictable petroleum supply

Petroleum refineries can ensure continuous supply of feedstock and minimize the cost of inventory with scheduling applications.

Published with the permission of Oil & Gas Financial Journal

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