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How we deliver value to energy enterprises

Infosys is committed to helping upstream and downstream organizations break new ground. We are built from the ground up with diverse and deep-rooted oil and gas competencies. Our energy practice has 1,500 certified energy experts, which is augmented by partnerships with global players, and a local presence in almost all energy corridors in the world. Our technologists are also attuned to the unique needs of the industry, with learnings from a five-tier oil and gas certification process. This focus helps us understand the manifest and explicit needs of our clients, and also unearth their latent and implicit needs.

With industry-leading strengths in consulting, technology and sourcing, Infosys is an end-to-end partner committed to staying the course with long-term strategic partnerships. This is evident from the fact that over 99.1% of our revenue comes from existing clients — enterprises that have trusted us time and again to create business impact from technology investments in three ways:

Business transformation: Whether it’s an ERP package implementation or modernizing financial management systems, we follow a value-based approach to all large transformation projects — providing a direct linkage between the changes made by the project and the effects of these changes on free cash flow and shareholder value.

Accelerating innovation: Our energy practice has created multiple centers of excellence to help clients solve their most complex challenges. These centers are built around exploration and production, refining and marketing, energy trading and risk management, geographic information systems, oceans, hydrocarbon accounting, and pipelines and alternative energy.

Our clients also utilize the specialized capabilities of Infosys Engineering Services to create leading-edge solutions in areas like enterprise mobility and reservoir monitoring. For instance, a leading oil and gas company partnered with Infosys to embed software into its precision optical sensing technology, creating a first-of-its-kind solution to gather down-hole pressure, and temperature and flow parameters.

Efficient operations: The Infosys Global Delivery Model gives clients the leverage to scale collaborative expertise from across the globe. We inject new efficiencies into enterprises with services that span sustainability reporting, supply chain management, business process outsourcing, and application maintenance.





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