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Global hospitality industry is definitely on the rebound, but it faces some new challenges. These include rapidly changing guest demographics and the ever-growing influence of new media (e.g., myriad social networks on the guests). There is need to deliver personalized experience at every touchpoint and, in an age of eroding brand loyalties, give a shot in the arm for loyalty initiatives. Even so, companies that have the right information technology and strategy in place have not only navigated these barriers effectively but also moved business to the next level of engagement.

Companies are competing to attract and retain guests through multiple channels: websites, social media, mobile and – last but not least – guest living rooms. Guests need the assurance that what they see on these channels is really what they get eventually. Which makes it all the more important that guests find the quality of service enriching and fulfilling.

Challenges and opportunities

Enhancing operations with enterprise mobility: With smartphones and tablets on the rise, users expect to use their devices to book a room, check in, and check out. Delivering such services with mobility solutions not only enables greater reach, but also holds great potential to improve employee efficiency.

Maximizing social media impact: In today's ‘out of sight, out of mind’ marketplace, becoming a part of the digital consumer's lifestyle is imperative. Having a pervasive presence online can open the doors to enhanced revenues and stickiness, while safeguarding brand reputation.

Making sustainability a competitive differentiator: 'Going green and staying green' is more than a marketing mantra for hotels — it will be soon become central to profitability and compliance. Hotels must look beyond their existing resources to track and manage sustainability data with integrated solutions that can help realize bottom-line benefits.

How Infosys delivers business value

Today, Infosys is helping hospitality and leisure clients reshape their technology landscape to deliver differentiated customer experiences while doing more with less, by addressing challenges in three key areas: business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations.

How Infosys Delivers Business Value - Hospitality Leisure

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