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How we deliver business value to hospitality and leisure enterprises

The Infosys Hospitality and Leisure Practice is well-positioned to put enterprises on the silk road to transformation — we bring together over 10 years of experience across the hospitality value chain, a powerful R&D arm in Infosys Labs, and strong industry partnerships. We leverage strong alliances with leading software vendors and enterprise platform vendors to create best-of-breed solutions for the Hospitality and Leisure industry. Our focus areas:

Business Transformation: With a knowledge-driven approach, Infosys helps enterprises evolve their organization to attract digitally-and-socially-connected next-generation guests, adopt sustainable business practices, and facilitate expansion in new geographies.

Infosys partners with clients to create the hotel of the future by delivering solutions in mobility, social commerce, sustainability and back office transformation. This transformation is effected through technology rationalization and enhancement of existing business systems, and is brought to value faster with our tools and business process frameworks.

Accelerating Innovation: Infosys works closely with clients to address evolving user and business needs. We pool together our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and experience in solving business problems across industries to enable rapid adoption of newer technologies with lesser risk. This allows our clients to seamlessly integrate these technologies and deliver personalized guest experiences. Our digital consumer solution Infosys SocialEdge™ Platform can be tailored to suit different social media requirements.

Efficient Operations: Our focus on optimization is three-pronged — resources, infrastructure and sustainability. We help enterprises to deploy centralized back office platforms so they can create self-service capabilities and manage their workforce to optimize resource allocation. If enabling lean IT environments and minimal downtime is a business need, we deliver with our expertise in cloud computing, systems integration and infrastructure services. Our sustainability solutions help enterprises change the way they look at their energy and water usage, emissions, and building operations.

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