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Manufacturing facilitates talent empowerment

In order to regain growth and profitability in a sector that is faced with a huge shortage of skilled resources, manufacturing companies...

Published with permission of CNN iReport

Production hubs and factories return to the West

Manufacturing houses, once clustered around the Eastern regions of the world due to the availability of low-cost labor, seem to be returning to their...

Published with permission of Innovation Insights

The future of BI and SAP HANA

Business Intelligence (BI) now figures in the strategic initiatives of most organizations, though they might differ in BI-maturity levels. The ones...

Predictive analytics – Powered by SAP HANA

Predictive analytics (or advanced analytics) is much in demand within the business intelligence (BI) space. In this feature, our expert...

3 questions to assess the ‘green quotient’ of business intelligence

As a CIO, how can you leverage business intelligence (BI) for enterprise-wide sustainability initiatives? This slideshow will help you arrive at ways to configure your BI tools for a higher green quotient – call it the ‘GQ’ of your BI.

The Once and Future CIO

Is this the end of the road for CIOs as we know them? Some theorists argue that the CIO's role will eventually cease to exist in its present...

Published with permission of Data Center Knowledge

A CIO’s role in preparing capital goods companies for the coming era

The capital goods industry is seeing an increase in emerging market activity, services business, and sustainable products. How can CIOs help in this transformative phase?

Published with permission of The Manufacturer

Does your Hardware Incorporate Smart Software?

Structural and dynamic techniques for embedded hardware systems must be combined with a platform-based design approach to address challenges of security, quality and utility.

Published with permission of Elektor

Increase Return on Cloud Investments with a Performance Dashboard

Real-time performance metrics of the cloud ecosystem help service providers address the specific needs of customers.

The New Engineering Mantra: PLM on the Cloud

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes can be seamlessly connected through cloud data models for collaborative engineering.

Presenting the Agile Manufacturing Enterprise

Cloud-based mobile applications create an agile manufacturing value chain by addressing geo-spatial and organizational challenges.

Look at Manufacturing through the Prism of Information

An ecosystem that enables real-time collaboration across the supply chain increases the profitability of manufacturing units.

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Smart Manufacturing: Outside-in Innovation

Manufacturers can meet future demand with pervasive technologies, converged communication systems and smart processes.

Published with permission of IndustryWeek

Introducing Lean and Nimble Manufacturing

Mobility solutions enable Lean, allowing manufacturers to accelerate innovation and optimize costs across the supply chain.

Published with permission of Manufacturing Business Technology

Collaboration towards an Innovative Environment

Enterprises are collaborating to enhance business efficiency and socialize innovation for growth. Infosys' expert discusses how companies can unlock business value...

Published with permission of SYS-CON Media, Inc.

Supply Chains are only as Good as the Performance of Suppliers

A collaborative procurement platform strategy effectively mitigates the supply chain risk of supplier bankruptcy.

Published with permission of Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Agile ERP for Mixed Mode Manufacturers

Single ERP modules can meet the requirements of varied manufacturing processes and increase agility.

Published with permission of Manufacturing Business Technology

Drive Innovation through Process, Metrics and Governance

Infosys' expert believes that companies can achieve innovation by ensuring that product lifecycle management integrates the product development process and aligns it with the needs of customers. According to him, process, metrics and governance must drive innovation.

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The Flat Supply Chain

Globalization has created a massive increase in the complexity of supply chains. Companies are vigorously revisiting their supply chain strategies to achieve the desired business objectives.

Published with permission of Supply & Demand Chain Executive

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