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'Let's have a global campaign for environment conservation'

Infosys has developed a culture of environment conservation and is working with customers to develop sustainable products and services.

Speaking at a panel discussion at the National Energy Summit & International Dialogue in Washington, USA, Infosys CEO and Managing Director Kris Gopalakrishnan discussed how Infosys partners with customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Infosys helps energy companies manage Smart Grids and design turbines to reduce their power consumption. He also presented a business case for sustainability by revealing how Infosys is providing the 'intelligence' to reduce the cost of global supply chains and logistics, and minimize their impact on the environment.

Kris outlined the measures that Infosys has undertaken to reduce the carbon footprint. After scrutinizing the use of power in data centers and, water and other consumables across development centers, Infosys has reduced power consumption by 10%, water consumption by 5% and paper consumption by 33%.

Vision 2050: The New Agenda for Business

Kris believes that global companies must collaborate and take proactive action in a coordinated campaign. According to him, companies need to arrive at a consensus on standards, norms and rules for sustainability in a manner similar to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for accounting. In addition, companies must influence policy makers and governments worldwide to make such standards mandatory.

Published with the permission of Clean Skies Network

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